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The war came home to me this week.  Like many Americans, I am distanced from what is going on there.  I have a nephew who is going into the Army in the fall and my friend's niece was stationed there.  Until this past weekend.  She came home on a special transport, in a flag covered coffin.  Erica was 21, an MP, coming to the end of her tour of duty.  I've felt so sad and truly at my wits end trying to think of something to comfort her family.  We had these hankies in the store so I digitized the design and sewed out 20 hankies.  I know it's a small gesture but I'm glad I could do it.       Called to duty is an Army motto.






How sad. But I know they will treasure this gift and keep it with her photos. What a shame.


Oh this makes me cry and I am so sorry...but what a beautiful gift in her memory you have made. My heart goes out to all.


This is so beautiful and I am sure her family will treasure this gift you have given to them. So sad to loose a wonderful young woman.


I'm sorry to hear of your friend's tragedy. It is hard to know what to do in those circumstances, but I'm sure the family will appreciate the gesture and be comforted by your gift.


I gave them to them last night at the reception and they were well received. When we got to the house, there was a large contingent of veterans on the front lawn with flags. Some of them were part of the motorcycle group called Rolling Thunder, who protect the family from the group who protest at funerals from that nasty church. They told the family to call them if there was any hint of those people showing up for the funeral and they'd be there. Thank God for good people!


I am so sorry. This is such a sad story...but such a wonderful thing you did here. When I read that there were actually people protesting at funerals, I was aghast. And to think they call themselves a "church?" Shameful. Hoping that your friend will find comfort in your gesture.


I am so sorry to hear of your friends loss. This is a beautiful gesture and I am sure it will be much appreciated. Between my husband and I we have 32 years of service. I was discharged medically and he will be retiring next year. He returned from what we think is is last deployment this past may almost 2 months after our son was born. We are proud of our service but happy to be starting a new chapter in our lives.

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