Connor's Cabin by Yarnosophy


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My nephew turns 18 very soon. I'm making him a quilt (although not sure if it will be done in time for his birthday!) His bedroom is decorated in blacks, whites and greys, he'd love to move out from home, and he's planning to become an architect. So, in thinking about quilt patterns, I figured a log cabin was the best structure! 

I haven't decided yet how I'll arrange the blocks. I've made 4 so far, and cut up 3/4 of the fabric that I'll need. The images are just various ways of arranging them - they blocks aren't sewn together yet.

Nov 2013 - This project has languished for a long time due to other life priorities. Last Christmas (months after his birthday!) I showed Connor the 16 blocks I'd made by then, and he played with designs. I finished all 48 blocks in September. They're now all sewn together in one of Connor's designs. So, on to the next stage - add borders, buy backing and wadding, pin baste and quilt. Maybe by Christmas this year...

April 20th 2014 - Nope, didn't finish it before Christmas. I did add the borders and got about 2/3 of the way through quilting it with straight line quilting - but the backing kept puckering and after much frustration I ended up deciding to unpick all the quilting, do the pin-basting again, and try quilting it block by block. Unpicking took weeks... Today I pin-basted it again, and tried both FMQing and quilting with the walking foot, but the same problem arose - I think the drag of a lot of quilt stuffed in the throat of the machine is too much for my old Janome. So, I've started hand quilting it....


Big stitch handquilting in wonky design
Back of quilting
Quilt blocks laid out but not stitched together





Love the fabric and love all the options! Will be waiting to see what you choose!


What a great color scheme for a guy! Log cabins are fun because there are so many settings.


Love a log cabin block, so many options! Can't wait to decide how you assemble this quilt.


Thanks True , Janquilter and Kirstenblake ! I'm very happy with the black and white - and I hope Connor will be, too! I'll make more blocks and play with layouts.... hopefully I'll be able to decide on one - so far, even with just 4 blocks, I love so many of the possibilities :-)


What a great man quilt this is going to be! I love that fabric with the wonky squares - it gives such movement to the block! So many great layout possibilities - I'll look forward to seeing what you decide!


Love the design he came up with...this will be amazing.


What a great design - I don't think I've ever seen log cabins laid out this way. It looks great!


Collaboration worked well; the setting is perfect--your graphic black/white make the setting all the more striking.


Great design!!
I send you lots of ardor for the quilting !!


He is going to love this quilt. What a great masculine log cabin.

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