Hand stitched Medallion Quilt by Mrsdragon


Constructing Top


Class quilt for the Handstitched class offered by Rachal of <a href="http://stitchedincolor.om">Stitched In Color</a>.






Very pretty; love the colors. Bright and happy. Wow and by hand. You are a brave woman.


This is really great! I can't imagine handstitching all that... I particularly like the corners with diamonds. :)


I love this...it is so fun to see the different versions of this on here and how beautiful they each are in different ways and with different fabrics. I also love all the along the way pictures thanks for sharing! And what a gem you have made:-)


Looks great....have you chose what color you are going to use for your next border? I am happy to report that I stitched the final border on last night. Today I am going to start putting together a backing. This has been a great class. In the forums section we have a group discussion, please join.


+Juciyapplecreations and Mrsdragon , you are making me feel so guilty! I think this is the first class ever I took an incomplete on. And that's saying a lot since I was so tempted with Physics and Chemistry. When my first pieced border came out like a circus nightmare I left it on my design wall to contemplate. I just need to rip it out and start over. Ha!


beautiful job- love your color choices and your embroidery looks wonderful- a treasure!


These quilts are amazing with all the handstitching - I've been enjoying seeing the different ways that the quilters envision them. Your color choices are wonderful. So much hard work in this one - I do hope you finish it!!!


Quilt 45 and Robynie--It's not ALL by hand. : ) The patchwork and most of the workhorse piecing is by machine. I also opted to so the Storm at Sea blocks by machine. The handiwork is in the embroidery, reverse applique, and applique. And, of course, the quilting. I feel a little faint just thinking about quilting that entire thing. I'll get it done if I just stick with it though! : )

True and Mymble--Thank you!

Juicyapplecreations--I'm going with the dark green for the next border. Just need to get my diamonds pieced and my blanket stitching done. Hopefully this weekend, I'll have both of those complete. Then I need to figure out what to do on the back. I want to do something fun!

Terryt1955--It's not over till you decide it is! I'm far from finishing everything I want to from the class (so glad I paid for the ebook!) but I plan to keep right on going. (I'm hoping bring on ThreadBias will help me keep my momentum up!)


Caribousmom--Thank you! I plan to. : )


Mrsdragon , did the ebook come with the price of the class? I did the Premium one. Never heard back from Rachel on this.


I love this bright and cheerful quilt and I love that hand work has not completely died out. I love to hand applique and hand quilt. I know you will finish this. The piecing is wonderful!


Hi Terry, for the Premium level the ebook is included. It will get emailed out after Sept 15th when the blog officially shuts down. : )


Janquilter--Thanks! I love handiwork in smallish chunks. Do you hand quilt everything you do or just smaller pieces?


Mrsdragon , I have hand quilted a queen size quilt and twin size and full size. I also hand quilt throws, wall hangings etc. My grandchildren quilts all have some hand quilting on them. All that being said, I have had a queen size that I just.cannot.get.done! I keep thinking I will get back to it. I do better when my frame is up.


Janquilter--Wow! That takes some serious commitment! What kind of frame do you have? Our instructor recommends a q-snap. I've got something that I inherited from a relative made from wood (no idea what it is) but it also seems like frameless would be okay? I suppose I'll find out when I start quilting! Do you mix hand and machine quilting? Do you do the machine quilting first or second?


I don't do machine quilting except for stitch in the ditch on the tied baby quilts. My frame is a Zook. It is no longer made but it is wood and a really great height for me. I bought a q-snap but I never liked how it felt in front of me...but then I am really short. The queen size I am working on now, I am doing with a 14 inch hoop and never will again. I can handle a lap robe size that way, but not a bigger one. I have not combined machine and hand quilting... Amanda might be able to answer that.

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