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American beauty
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AUG 2012: My mom "oooo-ed" and "aaaaaww-ed" over this quilt when she saw it made up in a shop.  She attempted to buy it from the owner but they weren't selling the sample.  My mom doesn't quilt so she wouldn't have bought the pattern and fabric.  Anyway, last year when I was out in Sisters, Oregon I found the kit with all the fabric in a shop there.  I called my mom and she was thrilled to buy it since I was offering to make it for her.  It's sat in my sewing room for a year.  She occasionally comes to visit the fabric.  It's sad really. LOL!  So since it's a sampler quilt with 12 blocks I'm going to attempt to find the time to sew one block a month.  That way at least my poor mom will get her quilt eventually... next year?  Fingers crossed!
SEPT 2012: Finished block #2.  My poor mom.  I'm not sure making one block a month is better... it's just killing her to see *slow* progress. lol  I have too many requests for projects from everyone else.  I need to sew full time to get even half of them done! I also found the link to the <a href="">American Beauty Quilt Kit</a> in case anyone else was interested in making this for themselves.  It also comes in a version with a light back ground. And you can buy it with or without the templates.
OCTOBER 18, 2012: October block done!






Cheering you on to completion! LOL. I love the sweet fabrics in this block. I think your idea of a block a month is a good one :)


Very pretty, I can see why your mom went gah gah over it. Amazing how quickly a month goes by and without setting a goal it can stay unfinished another year. Good luck with your personal BOM!!


This is so soothing on the eye! Very pretty. Can't wait to see the progress each month!


Love your goal and agree this is very sweet fabric and I will look forward to the updates and completion!


Very pretty! "My" kind of quilt for sure. I love the roses and the soft colors.


Love the colors. very pretty


How's it going with completing a block a month? It looks like you have finished quite a few! The blocks are so charming.


Those are beautiful blocks! Only 10 more to go!! Looking forward to seeing the next ones. The colors and fabrics are so pretty!


Is this the white setting or the black? Are you using the Martin Michell templates? I am working on a black one. I have the blocks all done and am working on the setting triangles. Then I will move on to the sashing. Your mom has great taste.


Firetones , the black setting. Since I will never use the MM templates again I'm just being really careful and printing out paper templates to use. I dislike all the snipped corners. It's so fiddily! It takes me twice as long to cut out the shapes as sew them together. I'd take a good old free cut shape with my rotary cutter and ruler over a template any day. lol... is that too opinionated? wink Did you use them to make your blocks? I thought about putting on the corners to set the pieces on point as I go but then I guess I can do that when I finish all the blocks. Are you making yours for yourself then? It's a very sweet quilt.


Firetones , I might get the Sashing Stars Set of rulers when it comes time. I think after looking at them I might use them again and they don't seem as fiddly as the other templates. Are you use them and do you like them?


Jennifleur I'm using all the templates. I'm not normally a template fan, but if I trace the template and then cut with a ruler, it works pretty well. I'm not sure I'll use the original templates again, but, like you, I expect to use the sashing stars templates many time. Mine is also the black one. I thought it was more dramatic and the white one looked a bit insipid for my taste!


Jennifleur I originally thought I'd make it for my niece as a wedding quilt but she and her fiancé wanted different colors. This doesn't really go in our bedroom, but maybe I'll keep it.


Your mum visiting the fabric cracked me up. You are doing a marvellous job. I think sometimes projects set a slow pace and they will not be made any faster!


You could send a block to each of us to do for your mom and together we could have it done lickety-split! Its going to be a lovely quilt!


Laweigel , Oh that's a good idea! I'd have to ask her if it's more important that she have her quilt sooner or if it's made all by me.

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