Civil War Quilt (Barbara Brackman's) by Quilterinmotion


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I was very interested in Barbara Brackman's blog last year on the anniversary of the Civil War.  I decided to work along and do the blocks as she presented them.  This proved to be a daunting task as a new block came out each week.  I did stay within 5 blocks of where Barbara was all year, though.  When BB had presented all her blocks, I finished up my final few and set them aside. 
I took them out once or twice to show them all to friends and my quilt guild but I just didn't know what I was going to do for sashing and binding.  I did not use Civil War reproduction fabrics for the entire quilts, but did include some repro fabrics and a lot of others that I had in my little stash. 
Last week I went to visit my cousin and I knew she had a design wall so I took my blocks and while there I got the sashing added on and now it's just a matter of waiting until I get down South where I have access to large tables to sandwich the layers and quilt it.  I think I'm going to try to FMQ it but that's a decision I can make later.


4th of July Finish
Finished quilt
Another finished view
A view on the CJ-7
A view of they back





This is huge!! and gorgeous...cannot wait to see done!


How beautiful! I love all the Barbara Brackman fabrics and her books as well. This is a lovely interpretation of he blocks.


I love that you didn't use the civil war fabrics. I think they tend to hide the beauty of the blocks but this is wonderful. Bright, cheerful and shows off each block splendidly! You did good!!!!


I'm with Terryt1955 re: fabric choice - I love the brightness of this...a modern twist to old blocks. This is really a showpiece!!


Thanks, ladies. I was unsure I had made the right choice to go with non-repro fabrics totally and you've confirmed my original idea was the best. Appreciate your comments!


This is really beautiful!


True, it's a queen size quilt, or it will be once the borders are on and it gets sandwiched and quilted (this winter). Thank you!


It is fabulous! The colours are really striking. Do you know how you will FMQ it? Are you doing Grandmother's Choice?


Oh, thank you all! I've been secretly worrying since I started the CW quilt that I should have stuck with repro fabs but now I feel so comforted by you all. Sewnsew : I'm not sure about the FMQ; any suggestions? I am not doing the Grandmother's Choice but just following each week's story/block. I will be traveling for several weeks in October and so much to do before then that I felt I couldn't take it on. I didn't want to get behind at the very beginning!!! I can always start later. ;-))


Quilterinmotion I think an overall medium stipple would look lovely or feathers. Grandmother's Choice is on my list of things to do when I get some of my WIPs and WISPs under control!


Sewnsew , if I'm quilting it, there will be no feathers. I haven't risen to that level with my FMQ. Medium stippling is do-able for me but I may save my pennies and have it done by a long-arm quilter. If I do, it will be a first! Thanks for your ideas.


wow I hadn't seen that one yet - ok I'm not actually going through everyones backfiles of projects ... that's a truly beautiful quilt Marsha. I've been following her women's vote posts but I didn't do any of the blocks - because yes 1 block every week is just not my style. I can manage Bonnies thousands of itty bitty things because I know it's just a few weeks and then I'm done ...
But I was complementing you on your quilt - that is a daring backing, but it works great with the white thread. Wish I could quilt like that.


Strandkorbtraum . I follow her Grandmother's Choice posts too, but I had not intention of doing it this year. I'm so happy with my finished quilt. I think this is the best quilting I've done so far!!! Nice to see some progress in my quilting skills. Thanks for your comments.

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