Double Wedding Ring by Loraclare


Assembling Top


A lady came in to work yesterday and asked if we had a quilting template for the double wedding ring quilt. Unfortunately we didn't, but I helped her look through a few quilting books to see if we had a book with the pattern in it. I took her name and phone number just in case I found the pattern. Well, it awoke a desire in me to sew my own double wedding ring quilt! I found this website with the pattern pieces and instructions as well as this set of pattern pieces and instructions and took inspiration from this quilt.

9/5/12: I picked my background fabric! 
9/14/12: I finished piecing the arcs and started cutting the background fabric!
9/16/12: Despite the pattern saying I needed 3 yards for the background (melons and medallions) fabric, I was able to cut it all out in just under 1.5 yards. I attached the first arc to the first melon! It was easier than I thought but attaching the second arc to the first melon was a little more difficult. I hope it gets easier with time... Then I'll have to go back and redo the first ones! 






I can't wait to see your've chosen gorgeous fabrics. I have always wanted to make one of these, but I admit...I am a little intimidated! Maybe someday I will just go for it. In the meantime, I'll live vicariously through other more courageous quilters like yourself!!!


Love this pattern and your fabric...and Robynie quilt is great inspiration...I like Caribousmom am intimidated by this quilt but maybe some day! But will love seeing yours come to be:-)


Thank you, True and Caribousmom! I found a different set of pattern pieces and helpful tutorials on The Plaid Scottie that I'm following now. It uses foundation paper so it's sooo much easier than the first set of pattern pieces and instructions I found! Once I start doing the curved piecing I'll let you guys know how I'm faring. That's the part I'm really scared about!


You have another fan vicariously living through your project. Post pictures every part of the way okay?


I will definitely post pictures :) This is the first quilt I'll have sewn in quite a while so it's exciting for me again!


oooooh, love that background fabric - stunning! This is going to be amazing!


WOW...this is becoming a beautiful quilt...I look forward to updates.


Oh my amazing...


I love double wedding ring quilts and cannot wait to see how yours turns out! :)


Ooooo! That's going to be awesome.


Wow, it looks so interesting with the background fabric as cornerstones. Can't wait to see a few blocks joined together and I'm wondering how the pattern is gonna be. Love your fabric choices!


I love your fabrics! I can see why you had trouble fitting the second arc onto the melon. When you line up the first arc to pin it, the point of the melon should stick out beyond the end of the arc. After piecing the first seam and opening it up, you should have a smooth line from the melon up the sides of the arcs. If that doesn't make sense, PM me and I'll try to find some pics for you.


Tinastitches Thanks! I think I've figured out the arcs :) They're still a little wrinkly sometimes but I think they look good now.

You can download the project as JSON data.Download JSON