Community Quilt Block #2 by Terryt1955


Woven block
In Progress


After cruising around the internet looking for a 10 1/2 " block I found this one on I need to re-size it and hopefully I figured it out correctly. I mean how hard can it be (she asked in an overly confident tone of voice).

I believe the block is called Woven Block. It requires 4 different fabrics plus white for background.Perfect for incorporating all the colors for the Threadbias Community Quilt. It's 9:45pm and I haven't started piecing it yet but hopefully it will be a breeze (again she said in an overly confident tone of voice). I probably just jinxed myself!

Not bad. Was able to get it pieced in less than an hour which is fast for me. The tutorial instructed to press the seams open, which I don't usually do,and believe it or not it takes a little longer (not to mention burns your fingers!). The block ended up being a little short of a 10 1/2 " square so I don't know if it will be usable. If nothing else it can be used for the backing if that's going to be pieced...





I love this one too...and I am sure the amazing Rebecca and Amanda will figure this all out and make the blocks work! See how confident I am when I am not the one doing it!!;-). I am so glad you made blocks:-)


I now ignore pressing seams open in the instructions of a block...that is what I did for years and it just does not work as well for me in matching seams up. I truly think it is personal choice in MOST cases and so now do what works for me.


Oh, I like this one too! Isn't fun to take the same fabrics and configure them in different ways? I like this design.


This is great! And please don't worry about the size. We'll make all the blocks work!


Amanda , Phew, good to know. True was right! You guys are amazing...
Thanks True and Janquilter . This is one of those blocks where you need a pressing board right next to yourmachine since there's a lot of pressing as you go a long. But I'm glad I tried it. I felt like such a "modern" quilter last night!


Love this! The combo of prints is great with the white-just great!


Thanks Mymble , I am now a true believer of using lots of white. Gives it such a fresh, happy feeling.


This is great! Thank you Terry! Like Amanda said, don't worry about the size - it's going to be sampler type piecing so we'll make all the blocks work.


Rebecca Yay! And when do you have to have this finished by? Is someone going to be a slave to their machine over the 3 day weekend?

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