Double Wedding Ring Rescue by Loraclare




I found this poor double wedding ring quilt and I'm going to try to rescue it. It'll be a good picnic blanket if I can't entirely fix it up! $8.66 (talked down from $10 - I know... $2... but that'll cover part of the cost in rebinding it lol)
I'm using this tutorial to help me bind around the curves.






Oh what a pretty quilt! That would be great if you could get some of the staining off so it could be used again. I have some stuff called Retro Clean that I got at one of my LQS's to try out soaking a stained top I have, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I think it might do the trick from what I've read about it - here's their website:


I just used RetroClean on the Dresden Plate that my grandmother made. It was stiff and yellowed and not fresh looking at all. It is now bright and blends right in with the new muslin. The product is good. When washing a whole quilt, I have seen it suggested that it be put in the bathtub with a sheet under it and the water squeezed gently through the quilt. Then when it is time to lift it out, lift the sheet, so that the old fabric and stitches do not get strained.


Very pretty hope suggestions work!


What a great find, I hope you can find something to take those stains out.


would love to know how this turns out!


I'm not sure what to do about the stains, but this quilt looks exactly like a quilt my grandmother gave me! I will take a picture and post it. I'm wondering if it was a kit type quilt? (my quilt us very stained too).


I cannot recall if that one picture was included so is it an after and you got stains out??? I sure hope so and it sure is pretty.


This is one beautiful quilt. I wish I could help you with the stains, but I would not even know where to start!


Unfortunately the stain remover suggestions haven't worked :( I think I'm gonna have to go with some applique to cover some of the stains if I can find any applique ideas I like. Ideas?


In the third picture it looks a bit like rust staining, in which case lemon juice might help.


Ooooohh lemon juice to remove rust stains! I've never head of doing that so I'm definitely going to Google it and try it out! Thank you!


Have you tried using a mixture of white vinegar and hot water? Test the fabric first of course, but you should be able to soak the entire blanket for a few hours. (I've not found a cotton or polyester fabric this does not work on.


Jessicalam I have also had great luck with vinegar on quilts and clothing! And my mom swears by lemon juice.


Yes- between vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda you can pretty much clean your whole house. It's amazing that such simple things work so well! And they are so much cheaper... and better for you! :)


I actually use white vinegar with every load of laundry. I use it instead of fabric softener and stain remover. The clothes come out soft and it takes the smell out of anything--- even my husband's nasty gym clothes. :-)


I have used Stain Solver for a myriad of difficult cleaning projects (on fabric too) with great results. And then I came across this today:

Don't know how this woman's stains compared to yours, but it might be worth a try!

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