Children at Play Floor Quilt by Valentinegirl


"children at play" custom floor quilt
In Progress


My best friend is having her first baby. This baby will be very special to everyone - Mia is 42 years old and has waited a long time for this event!

Mia found out her baby is a little girl and requested I make the little one a floor quilt. I've never made a quilt before but I was excited to take on the challenge. After a great deal of looking at the beautiful quilting fabric collections available these days I fell in love with Sarah Jane's "Children at Play" fabrics, both for their beautiful colours and adorable children's book illustration style.

Although this is my first quilt, I really want to come up with my own design, not just use a pattern. I am having a lot of fun coming up with something that will work - the adorable "Children at Play" fabrics are a great inspiration and guide.

21st September: I took my first quilting class this morning. My tutor, Helen was wonderful. I am sure she's used to new students tackling something that has patterns and instructions to hand and instead I gave her the challenge of working out how to make the blocks I've designed from scratch! Luckily I chose a classic double pinwheel block so it didn't take long and I am proud to say I've made the first of my 32 4" blocks today!

26th September: My design has reached its final stage and I am ready to get creating it! I have uploaded a picture of my design. It looks like the real thing but was actually created digitally in Paint Shop Pro - it is unfortunately not the final result! In reality I've only made ONE pinwheel block so far - I've got a LONG way to go! I have spent many hours scanning in fabrics and creating this design digitally.

The features of the design all pick up on little elements featured in these fabrics (pinwheels, bunnies, balloons, bunting, etc). If you are interested, upsize this photo to see the details.

- The top bunting will feature the new baby's name when I know what it is!

- At the far sides in the borders, I hand-drew little girls and bunnies clutching their balloons as they go sailing up the sides. There are tiny little girls and bunnies with balloons in the balloon print fabric by Sarah Jane which is where I got the idea.

- Along the bottom of the quilt, Sarah Jane's adorable "Parade" border fabric will be featured

- The inner border is made up of 32 pinwheels featuring a combination of Sarah Jane and Tilda fabrics

- In the centre I am going to print out four little paper dolls I purchased from Sarah Jane's online shop, plus a print I bought from there too on fabric, then applique them onto the chasing paper planes background fabric.






Love Children At Play. I'm sure the quilt will be beautiful!


Ditto Amanda this collection is so wonderful...


Thank you for your nice comments, Amanda and True! I will try to upload some photos soon.


Looking forward to seeing your quilt- love the fabric and pinwheels should show it off well!


Thanks Mymble!


OMG what a project you have undertaken for your first quilt. A very special quilt for a very special celebration. It sounds like the whole time she's growing that baby you'll be creating the quilt!


How gorgeous! Those pinwheels are very impressive.


Oh my goodness...I am so impressed and this will be a work of art cannot wait to see it progress!


Thank you so much, Carol, Terry, Seattle and True for your lovely and encouraging comments!

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