My Farmer's Wife by Janquilter


Farmer's wife
Constructing Top


Just the beginnings. I started with a layer cake of Barbara Brackman's 1862 Battle Hymn and then I am adding in some from my stash, The little stack is just a taste of some that I will be using. Blocks 16, 107, and 111 done.
Sept. 16.  Nine blocks completed. So far I have not used a template.
October 26 I finally had a chance to sew. Finished block #1
November 5 I have finished 16 blocks so far. Of course I have done the easy ones...I need to delve into some of the more complex blocks.
May 1, 2013...Since I finished a bunch of baby quilts, I gave myself a reward and made 4 more blocks for my FW
June 10, 2014 Took me a year, but got 2 more done.
September 13, 2014   So, I was in the sewing room thinking about making more blocks for this project when it dawned on me that I would likely never feel like I had made "enough".  I had this idea and began putting the blocks on the  wall to see how many I had. Since it worked out to 35 blocks, I could set them 5x7. I played around with some setting squares and tried all red...but it was way too dark. So, I pulled out some lights from another project and began filling in the spaces with those squares, leaving the red as the setting triangles. This photo is of the first try, but I have used this picture to see where I could reposition some of the blocks. Once I have sewn it all together I will post it again.


preliminary design
Newest blocks





What yummy fabrics!!!


Really like these fabrics another quilt so fun to see in so many different fabrics!


Thank you, True and Aizome . I love the Civil War era fabrics.


I love civil war fabrics! This is going to be great.


Gorgeous, Jan!


Caribousmom aww, thanks. :-)


These are looking good...are you going to do all of them...or have you already answered that I am forgot?!


I'm finishing up a couple of other blocks and then starting to cut! You are really inspiring me to get moving smile !


True I will do as many as I can...leaving that open ended. ;-) If we get a baby to foster, sewing will come to a halt for a while.


Jan, your blocks are lovely. I am rather partial to Civil War repros, too.


Sewnsew Thank you! I am enjoying playing with different combinations.


This is amazing-your blocks so far are great ; what a fantastic project- a "new" old quilt:)


Thank you Mymble . I am enjoying this.


And I can see why- I think it's going to look like a museum piece ( in a good way;)))) when you are done


Mymble Oh wow...thank you!


They are looking good!


Lovely. Very authentic looking!


These blocks are wonderful. I love your fabric chooses. I got the book and have read the whole thing but decided to put off making the blocks for a while but when I see blocks like yours, makes me want to get started on mine, just to many projects going right now. Can not wait to see it all together.


Beautiful. Your fabric choice is so right for these traditional blocks. How many blocks are you planning to make?


Jbr I am planning to make as many as I can. There is no fear of "running out of fabric" because I have piles of choices in these colors. I figure I will just sew along and quit when I am time limit, so it could be years....


Quilt455 Thank you! The fun thing about this is, you can get started any time. Make a few and put it aside, then make some more.


Terryt1955 Thank you!


Amanda Thanks. Next time you are in the house, go look at them on the wall.


I love the rich colors and designs. Takes me back to my grandmother's home...I can almost smell those gingersnap cookies baking in the oven!


Mary Thank you! I too, like the homey feel. Maybe I will even get back to making some!!


FINALLY got back to making some blocks. Hoping to turn out a few more this week.


Great job. I bought the book to make these but might still be awhile. Love the fabric you are using.


Quilt455 Thank you. I sort of feel like I bailed on this since there are over100 blocks in the book, however, I really wanted to see them in a quilt. I can always make more blocks for another quilt!


Love it! I'm making one also and so far have 91 blocks done. I'm doing mine thru Karen M. Walker on Craftsy. She illustrates most blocks with short cuts and an easier way than just following the book. I can't wait to finish mine. Love your fabric as I'm using the same type. Guess great minds think alike?!


Now I feel jealous! :) 91 blocks! I didn't use any of the book instruction to make mine. I just broke them down into rotary cutting and did the ones that came easy. If you look at mine, you will see that there aren't any that divide into 5 units per side...I stuck with the ones divisible by 2 or 3. There were a couple I made templates for, but not many.

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