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Embroidery & Embellishments


(1-21-13  See updated note at the bottom of page.)

This is one of AnitaGoodesign's Special Edition design sets.  This will be one of the bigger projects that I hope to finish.  It is a mix and match set, so the finished size can vary.  My intention is to stitch out all 25 blocks plus the additional border elements.  Each of the blocks takes a little over an hour of just stitching time.  The sky, snow and ice areas are fabric applique with the rest of the design embroidered on top.

9-23-12  I just added a photo of my 8th completed block.  I had hoped to do 2 or 3 over the week-end, but time only allowed for 1.

9-28-12 I have added photos of 4 more blocks for a total of 12 completed so far.

9-30-12  Three more blocks photos just uploaded for a total of 15 completed blocks.  Ten blocks left not including the border pieces, which are smaller and I should be able to stitch out multiples of them when I get to that point.   Maybe I will actually complete this this year!

10-14-12  I just uploaded 8 more blocks, for a total of 23 completed blocks so far.  Only 2 more main blocks, then there will be 40 border blocks and 12 small square border and corner blocks.  The border and corner blocks should stitch out more quickly since they are narrower and not nearly as many thread changes.  My machine has been misbehaving, so I hope that I can get this project finished before having to have the machine serviced.
10-28-12  Fortunately, my machine is still stitching!  I have been keeping it VERY busy over the past several days embroidering the border blocks.  I have only 4 more of the rectangular border blocks and then the 12 small square blocks.  I should be able to finish all of the embroidery either later today or tomorrow, then the big job of assembling all of those blocks will begin.

10-31-12  I did get ALL of the embroidery finished over the week-end, YEAH!    The plan is to have the parts and pieces completely assembled into a finished quilt top by the end of this next week end.  Maybe I will even be able to finish with the batting, backing, quilting (stitch in the ditch) and binding since it is a 4 day week-end for me.

11-5-12  Today is the last day of my long week-end and I plan to have this finished and hanging today.  I am currently doing stitch in the ditch quilting. 

11-5-12 (p.m.)  FINISHED! For me, this was a BIG project.  It took a little over 2 months from start to finish and I worked on it most days.  I love how it turned out and am happy it is complete before Christmas.  It is on the wall and will stay there until after Christmas, with the exception of taking it with me to show it off when I get together with my sewing/embroidery friends this week-end.

1-21-13  I just added a photo of the back side of the quilt to show the hanging sleeve and the corner triangles.  I run a rod though the sleeve and tuck the ends into the corner triangle pockets.  There are 2 short areas of the rod that are exposed to allow it to be hung on small nails.  I also added 2 triangles to the lower corners and have another rod inserted into those.  These corner pockets allow the rods to keep the corners of the quilt from curling.






Wow this is do you make it? By hand or a Machine? I am clueless so sorry if this is a stupid question!!


Thank you for the compliment.
It is done with the embroidery machine. I purchased the design set from

The stabilizer and muslin are hooped, then the sky, snow and ice fabrics are appliqued by the embroidery machine and then the rest of the design is machine embroidered onto the fabrics. Once all of the blocks are stitched, the blocks will be stitched together by sewing machine to complete a quilt top.


LOVE this! Thanks for adding it to our group!


Wow! Come join the Christmas Crafters group and inspire us! This is stunning.


Very cute. That site has some wonderful designs. I can't wait ti see the finished quilt!


These are GREAT!! I really like the colors that you have choosen. I will try to get mine uploaded this weekend.


I'm so looking forward to seeing this completed.


Wow your still cooking on those blocks. I Turned my machine on today and think did one color change and was side tracked by other projects.


Love those border blocks how beautiful this will be!




I love this!! I like scenes of winter and snow, etc. I just don't like it when it happens for real and we have to shovel it, drive on it, etc. But this is beautiful!


This is really intricate and beautiful!


This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing this! I was just introduced to Anita Goodesign products when I bought my new machine. I can't wait to try one, yours is amazing.


Oh my goodness, this is amazing. So this is the world of machine embroidery! I can't believe the detail on everything. Have you ever tried embroidering fabric for upholstering?


Terryt1955 I have not embroidered on upholstery fabric, but I am sure it could be done. It is amazing what I have seen others embroider on.

Kathie I have many AnitaGoodesign designs and they always stitch out beautifully. Be sure to look at the tutorial that is provided on each disc. They show you the best way to stabilize your project and ideas and tips for stitching the designs.


It turned out amazing! I need more hours in my day to learn all these new abilities I have with my machine.


Kathie I can SO relate to that statement!


What a wonderful treasure!


I bow to you! It is amazing - not only all the embroidery but then the tenacity to complete the assembly into this treasure.

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