Log Cabin Dreams by Bryelynn




I first saw this pattern on an episode of Simple Quilts with Alex Anderson.  The minute I spotted it on her wall, I knew it was the perfect quilt for my daughter's room.  The original pattern was all flowers, and Morgan's room is themed in butterflies - so I altered the pattern a bit.

I never purchased the pattern, I drafted it from memory on some graph paper.  The only downside to doing it this way was getting the size right.  In the end the quilt ended up too small for my daughter's twin size bed.  It fit the top, but does not hang down the sides.

The fabric was purchased at JoAnn's.  I bought the fabric when i saw the episode, but didn't start the quilt for a long while; I would guess to say 2 years later.  When I finished and realized the quilt top was too small, I thought I would just add a larger border; but I ended up with not enough fabric.  So, I made due.

This was my first attempt at "free-motion" quilting.  I did echo quilting around the chenille and large meandering around everywhere else.  On the borders I tried to stitch in tiny flowers and butterflies.  It came out ok for a first try.

The chenille did not turn out as well as I wanted.  During the episode, I remember her saying that it didn't matter what color thread you use to stitch on the chenille because the fluffyness covers it.  I normally stitch with grey thread, so that is what I used.  Unfortunatey, the fluffy did not cover it.  I really think this is because of the use of cheaper JoAnn fabric.  It probably would have come out better if I purchased Fabric Cafe's pre-cut chenille strips.  Most of the colors fluffed, but the pink has been extremely resistant.  Even now - years later.

As of this writing, this quilt is a favorite of my daughter's and she uses it every night.  Of course, it is still second to the hand-me-down Pooh Bear Wal-Mart speceal.






Such a cute quilt, I love the colors in it! Your chenille looks amazing! I want to touch it :)


Lovely! The colors are so sweet and the chenille really adds to the look. I love flowers and butterflies.

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