DIY Design Wall by Jessicalam


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Finally began my Design Wall! I found a beautiful gray and white damask flannel for 50% off. I was only able to purchase 8 yards since it was the end of a bolt, but I am planning to go back for more again soon. The walls in my sewing room are painted deep purple and one of the walls will be covered completely in the flannel. I used soundboard (basically sheets of lightweight styrofoam) from Home Depot and stretched the fabric around the sheets. Then I just adhered it using duck tape on the back.  I
attached the covered sheets to the wall using regular nails with washers.

September 29, 2012
So far so good!  I love the pattern and using soundboard is beneficial because I can put my pins right through without worrying about anything. It helps to hold the heavy quilt tops up. 

November 5, 2012
I've been putting this off for too long. I have two boards up and they are very useful. I still need to purchase more fabric for the remaining two boards so they span the length of the wall. I have a feeling I won't be finishing for a while... It's such a pain wrapping the fabric. I really don't like it!

November 17, 2012
Just uploaded a photo of my wall so far. I love it but I still need to hang the other three panels! Funny how much I want it done but I don't have any motivation to really do it! The uncovered panels have been sitting at the side of the wall for months now. I have a feeling they will stay like that for a while longer before I finally get sick of them! :) 






What a beautiful design wall! Mine is just white flannel. It's going to look amazing with the purple walls!


What a great idea...mine is an old flannel bed sheet tacked to my bedroom wall...this is way more impressive!


I started out with a tacked piece of flannel! I'm so glad I decided to find a piece of pretty fabric though. It's so much prettier on the wall— and it really doesn't distract me from the quilt squares like I thought it might.


Genius! Beautiful and Functional! Have fun!


Lovely Idea! Would love to see a photo of it in the room.


Very elegant! I'm just in the throes of sorting out my own design wall, though I chickened out and am getting plain cream flannel. I think the jacquard is gorgeous, but I wouldn't be able to switch off to a patterned background myself.

For those who want to go the patterned route - and I know this because I just checked on eBay to daydream, before reminding myself to be practical - there's a rather nice vintage paisley king size flat flannel sheet going at which could make a smashing design wall.

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