Minecraft Binder cover by Tjzoriginalz




My son is a die-hard fan of the computer game "Minecraft."   He's also 12, so he's hitting that hard to please stage.  When it came time to collect his things for back to school, he of course chose plain old black binders.  I asked him if he'd like me to make fabric covers for them so they didn't slide off the desk all the time and was ecstatic when he said "great."  Well, true to the form of a quilter, I had to make them quilty!  So the idea of a postage stamp style quilt depicting Minecraft came to mind.  I pulled some fabrics from my stash that could be used for the different textures of sand, rock, coal, grass, redstone, etc.  I took the scraps of fabric and fused them to paperbacked fusible web. Then I cut them into squares about 1/2" to 3/4".  After arranging them over the base fabric, but not fusing them yet, I called him down to have a look.  He literally gasped!  Then he proceeded to rearrange them so that they were in the proper levels  -  for instance, grass goes on sand, coal is under rock, etc.  Once things were perfect for him, I stuck those suckers down!.  After adding a layer of batting, I quilted them down to make sure they wouldn't move and added some texture.  Making it into a book cover was easy enough.  I folded one side over about 8" right sides together. Then lay the binder on top to measure how far it would be to the other side and folded that side over.  I traced the top edge and bottom edge with a chalk marker and pinned them together.  A quick seam along the top and bottom edges and it was done.  I trimmed the extra seam allowance and clipped the corners and turned it right side out.  Slide each cover of the binder under one end and the book cover is done.
He loves it.  It also caused quite a stir in his class.  His teacher told him how cool it was.  He came home beaming from his first day of grade 7.  That made it all worthwhile.





I love that you were able to sew something for your 12 yo son that he was thrilled with. Your pebble quilting looks great with the variegated thread! Alex did you see this?

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