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My brother is getting married at the end of this month to an amazing woman who is already like a sister to me.  I come from a long line of quilters, and I've made smaller quilted projects (a tote bag, quilted stockings and wine totes, and quilted military service banners), but I had never tackled an actual quilt.  As much as I adore my brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law, I thought their wedding would be the perfect occasion to finally try my hand at quilt-making.  

I was looking for something fairly simple, and I saw a picture on Pinterest (the link was bad, however, so I wasn't able to pin it or save the picture) of a quilt comprised of multi-colored right triangles.  With that in mind, I chose my future-SIL's favorite color scheme of bold blues, yellows, and grays.  I wanted the solids (one of each color) to be very bold and bright, and I was looking for prints (three of each color) that would be lighter values of each solid.  I didn't completely meet my goal with the lighter values, but overall, I am pretty satisfied with how the top turned out.  

Regarding the layout, I've never been good at randomly throwing color here and there.  I like a pattern and symmetry when possible.  Symmetry wasn't my goal with this quilt, but I did find a pattern that worked well (at least, in my inexperienced, first-time-making-a-quilt, untrained opinion, it seemed to work well).  

I'm going to add a 4-inch white border all the way around.  I was not very good at maintaining a quarter-inch seam allowance (I do better maintaining said seam allowance, it seems, when I am not TRYING to do so!), so my diagonal and vertical lines don't always line up very well...  Oops...  I keep closing my eyes and repeating this mantra:  "It's okay--it's just your first quilt.  It's okay--it's just your first quilt..."  Anyway, in order to not draw so much attention to the offset lines, I'm going to start in the top left corner and quilt straight lines in a sun-ray pattern (that's the only way I know how to describe it...)...  That way, the quilting lines will never be going in the same direction of the diagonals created by the triangles.  In the border area, I'm going to use straight-line quilting to "frame" the sun-ray quilting.  I wonder if this description makes sense anywhere other than in my head...?

I think I'm going to use an aqua polka-dot fabric for the binding.  I've got an idea on paper for the back, but I haven't started working on that yet, so there is no telling what direction I'll actually take it!






This is beautiful. Wow what a first quilt. I am jealous of your matched seams. You did a great job. They are going to love it.


Quilt455 Thank you so much! It's been a lot of fun creating this quilt.


For your first quilt, you did great! Your seams are actually pretty good...those points are tough! smiley I completely understood (I think anyway LOL) your planned quilting idea. So it makes sense to me....and I think it's a great plan btw. :)


Allpatchedup Thank you! Yes, those points were tough... and the more I focused on the perfect 1/4-inch allowance, the more imperfect it became! Good times smirk I'm glad my quilting description was at least somewhat understandable by someone other than myself :-)


lol....definitely been there myself Coolcheapashley . Those projects where harder you try, the less it just seems to go your way. Yep. The only thing you can do is relax and know that we are always our own worst critics. Where you see off seams and wonky points, others will only see the love you put into it. ;)


Great quilt, what a nice gift. Love blue,yellow,white and Grey togetther!


beautifully done, congrats on your first quilt! :)

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