Dragonflight vest by Lg65




Okay, I'll admit it.  I've been a sucker for dragons since I first 'discovered' them in primary school.  The majesty of their appearance and seemingly effortless flight captured my soul and took it with them on their journeys.  When I discovered the Pern novels my interest was reinvigorated.    I have been planning this vest off and on for over 10 years and have finally settled on exactly what I want to achieve. (Well, sort of.)  A navy blue fully-lined princess seamed vest with a dragon in flight right across the back and a dragon rampant on the left front.  I envisage the dragon in flight to be done in golds, orange and whatever other colours I believe it needs as I create it from a combination of applique and hand embroidery.  The one on the front I haven't quite decided on a colour scheme.  I shall keep you posted.  It should be fun!
9/8/2013 - Last weekend I traced off the toile of the vest, adding an extra centimeter to the seam allowance for the ribcage.  I then cut out the pattern from calico and stitched it together so that I could try it on for fit.  Not bad, but I need to add an extra 5mm to the princess seams over the bust.  There are some negatives to having a generous bustline!  I shall try this slight modification this weekend and, if the fit is good, shall then proceed to cut and sew a second draft of the vest.  Once this has been successfully made and worn to check for good fit the Dragon Vest will be cut and the outer shell sewn, clipped and pressed, prior to beginning the dragon applique.  :-)





I bet this will be very neat! I love those projects you think about for years and years and finally decide exactly what you want. Have fun!


Thanks, Cfgriffith. I fully intend to have fun creating this item of wearable art. :-)


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The first muslin has been made and alterations noted. The second wearable muslin has been completed and worn for the Australian Children's Book Week celebrations in August. There are further alterations to be made so that the front armhole no longer gapes. I must remember to get photographs of this vest so that people can see how the design is coming together. (Added 11th November, 2013)

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