Cowboy Wild Goose Chase by Bluebirdsews


Wild goose chase


This quilt is finished and was gifted to my son for Christmas 2013. It is a twin size and was cut, pieced and quilted by me. 

Hooray! A quilt that has been in the works for over a year is coming to fruition. 1 block done, 41 more to go! Excited to start this one but HOLY COW there's a lot of little pieces! Over 1300 little 2" white squares for the flying geese!
I've been saving and swapping fabrics for over a year to make this quilt for my son. It will eventually be for a big boy bed, but that's a ways off which means I've got plenty of time to finish. I am not going to rush this one...did I mention the 1300 pieces! 
Lots of different fabrics, the center blocks will be all cowboy theme...the secondary corner stone blocks will have a cowboy or accent fabric and the flying geese will all be blue/white. 
It will be a labor of love and I can't wait to see it take shape. 
The pattern came from the book Quilts, Quilts, Quilts
Update 1/13/2013: finished another block this weekend. That makes 4 blocks enough for a section with corners. I was thinking of corner stone sashing with red stones, but now I see the 4 patch in the middle with the two diagonal squares I like that a lot. We'll see where this goes!






This is great!! I love it!!


Cowgirl4ever Thanks! It's the first one and I'm already happy with it!


Bluebirdsews its fantastic!! My 6 month olds room is in the process of being decorated with farm things and John Deere. I also have some things in mind for when he graduates past the nursery farm animals.. I can't wait to see you finish.


Wow 1300 pieces!! That is amazing...and it is a wonderful block and will make a great quilt!


Cowgirl4ever Well it might be a while before this one is finished! Have fun decorating!
True I know, right! I'm a little crazy...but also wanted to try something a bit more advanced. Little did I know advanced just means a little crazy!


This is fantastic! I love the theme and the fabrics. One thing I have found helpful is to NEVER count all the pieces needed for a quilt. Large numbers scare me and then I think "can't" rather than "can". Just merrily sew along and soon you will have a quilt!!


Janquilter Thanks! I like that thinking and will merrily sew away!


Haha, I'm another mom with a science degree, actually two, and numbers don't scare me, in fact finally after 20 years of quilting I am realizing the benefit of doing all the cutting and making nice precut stacks instead of cutting for each block individually, it saves soo much time! I like your scrappy style too, you would make Judy Martin proud.


Chandra thanks! Numbers don't scare me either! I think the math side of quilting is kinda fun an yes to cutting it all out then merrily sewing away! What science degrees do you have? Did you get to use them? I'm still waiting to use my ESR degree!


I barely used my Geology and Physics degrees, I've been rarely employed in 10 years, although I did go back to school and get my teaching credentials last year so I may soon as our lives get settled and the kids continue to grow more independent.


What a fantastic quilt for a little boy. Love the cowboy fabric! This will end up going to college with him I bet!


Terryt1955 oh no Terry, I can't think college yet! But I hoped to be cherished forever!


I love this block and your handling of it. I've got music fabrics waiting for an idea--maybe I'll borrow this one. I love making flying gees. Adding it to the idea file. I like yours without sashing...course that would mean making more blocks and more flying geese...might be worth it.


I love the fabrics, the block...the whole thing- really going to be a super quilt!


Mymble Clairealex thank you! I have a ton of pieces cut out for this quilt so yes lots more blocks, which I'm looking forward too!


I like it so much! Great fabrics, colors and so many parts! Go ahead! A hug!


Wow, that is gorgeous! I love the fabric. Nice job!


That's awesome. No wonder he looks happy!


Sewnsew twistedandloose Thanks for your kind words! I am really happy with having this quilt done and living in his room!

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