Fabric MishMash by AllPatchedUp




I started this ohhhhhhhh.......about 6yrs ago or so. My fabric preferences have certainly changed since then!! LOL

This is a quilt I started with no real pattern, just an idea in my head. I cut and pieced it together as I went. A move caused me to pack it away and I just never got it back out. I was actually surprised at how good my piecing was, as I know I was NOT very accurate with my cutting or seam allowances. I also ironed everything back then with lots of steam as opposed to my dry-iron pressing now...and it shows. lol I needed to press all these blocks and the sashing strips before I took the photo (Didn't want to stress anyone out or cause any heart-attacks from anyone seeing it in all it's crumpled glory ;)  I can tell that I had warped the blocks all those years ago with my ironing. Did my best to square them all up while I was pressing tho, and they're not too bad.

I'm actually glad I got this one out....I love seeing how far I've come. And while I don't exactly care for all the fabrics in this one, I am looking forward to finishing this one up and having it around as a reminder. :)

Oh, and in the interest of full disclosure.... What's pictured here is enough to make a lap-quilt size. My original crazy idea was a king size bed quilt. *ahem* Yeah, that won't be happening. I did have the rest of the fabric, but I'll either piece it together for the backing (Not likely as I have yards and yards of the fabric I bought as the backing), the binding(eh, maybe but probably not), or I'll let my 8yr old use it. She's starting to get interested in sewing a little bit now. :) Not all the fabrics were the best quality (I knew so little back then I swear!) so I think giving them to her for practice fabrics to mess with would work well. :) All still definitely usable, just not what I would get now knowing what I know. lol





Isn't it interesting how our tastes and skills change! For the record this really is a nice looking quilt...and LOL about pressing it to keep your view audience sane;-)


Thanks True ! I don't hate it, which is a good thing, or it would likely never get finished!! I just laugh at myself a bit wondering what I was thinking with some of those fabrics. I still love my made up pattern and will someday do what I had originally envisioned for this, tweaking it just a bit. But, I'll be happy to have this one done and around the house to be used. :) Oddly enough, when I laid it out to take the pic, my daughter (Taylor, my 15yr old who's color preferences have changed heh) was gushing over how much she liked it. LOL What a turn of events. ;)


Allpatchedup LOL that sounds like my house!


Despite your tastes changing, I like what you've got here, it has great visual appeal, I hope you feel inspired to finish!


Thanks Chandra I actually am planning on finishing...I've even gotten most of the top together. All the sashing sewing together, I'm just going to be adding some more of the fabrics to the outside as a border. It was to be finished as part of the UFO group, unfortunately some personal/family medical issues slapped us and have taken me away from my machine the last bit...but it'll be finished!! Hope to return to sewing much more again after the holidays when things settle down. :)

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