Doorway to the Shire by Onlylouise




I always think of my ground-floor apartment set into a hillside as part of a smial, a hobbit-warren.  The other day (Thursday Oct 4th) a friend sent me a drawing which was a floorplan of a hobbithole.  This made me wish I had a circular doorway instead of my patio sliding doors that open onto greenspace and a ravine pathway.   So I got the idea of making a frame for my doors with a circular cutout, all in hobbity gold-brown rich colouring with accents of deep red and green and blue.

I didn't want to use batting because I wanted it lighter weight for ease of hanging, but

Blocks - about 7.5 x 12.5 inches. 
That means, 7 inches width added for each block.
70 inches for 10 blocks across.  84 inches for 12 blocks across.  Binding doesn't really add much.  77 is about right, which means having a centre row. 

12 inches down for each block.  Target height about 84 or 7 rows of blocks.  

Diameter of circle:  If 60 inches, and touching right at bottom, that means 2 solid rows at top and then start of cut.  77-60 = 17, so one uninterrupted row on either side and then cutting in to the second set of blocks. 

Drew out on graph paper to figure how many blocks are needed.  I have 60 blocks.  20.25 for three widths.  11.75 for one length.
Top two rows assembled.  Bottom row blocks trimmed and ready to assemble.
Plotted on graph paper to see if I have enough blocks - use 59, didn't need all of them. 
Assemble some partial rows. 
Make template out of bristol board.  Done Wed. 
Assemble rest of partial rows.
Trace circular template.  Done Wed.
Sandwich using two sheets (dry and press!)  Pin-baste. Done Wed. 
Quilt using gold thread.  Done Wed-Thurs
Do final cut of circular hole.  Done Thurs
Prepare strips for pieced binding. Started Thurs, done Fri
Attach binding.  Done Fri.
Turn and blind hem.

Experiment with how to attach to wall.  Velcro? 

All done but hemming, dealing with loose threads, and fixing any missed bits.  Thurs 11:30 am. 

Binding needed for outside = 77 + 84 + 77 + 84 + corners etc = 322 +
Binding needed for circle 2 pi r = 60 x 3.1 = 188 in approx.






My daughter will love this! She is making herself a green cape so she can be Bilbo for Halloween.


Amazing project! And I love the story behind it! The colors are beautiful.

You can download the project as JSON data.Download JSON