Farmer's Wife Quilt by Sewnsew


In Progress



I made my first FW block too small, then decided to add a border and make it into a pouch for my 6 ½ inch ruler. 

After that I decided to do something completely different…..make a hand pieced and hand quilted FW quilt using only fabric from my stash, using different fabrics for each block….no repeats at all!

It is trial and error, but a heck of a lot of fun.  Up to now, I've experimented with home made and commercial starch; plus ¼ and ½ inch seams.  My preference is for commercial starch....the home made starch was too wet.  I like to get the pieces of fabric stiff enough to stand up by themselves, as it stops stretching as I trace around the templates.  

The first couple of blocks I made had ¼ inch seams and  I found it awkward, so tried 1/2 inch seams instead.  I prefer the aesthetics of a ¼ inch seam, plus I like using the Add-A-Quarter ruler for adding a seam after tracing around the template, so after the block I am piecing now (Flock) I will go back to ¼ inch seams.

The top blocks are Spool and Basketweave.  The bottom blocks are Box and Maple Leaf.









What a great idea, using fabrics from your stash! This is a beautiful quilt for that. It is also a great quilt for hand piecing. My favorite part of hand piecing is that you don't need to worry about seam allowances. Just sew on the line that was traced and the block will be perfect!


What a fun personal challenge...and this will be fun to watch grow!


Thank you all! Janquilter The seam was dangerously thin on the first two....but I think I've got the hang of it now! True Chaos calls it my long term project. She estimates it will take about ten years to finish. If it does, that is ok, because I pick it up and put it down as I feel like. Carolmarie I'm the same going into the fabric shops. lol

You can download the project as JSON data.Download JSON