Ben's Garden by Goldwillow




My husband has been hinting that he wants his very own lap quilt for the long winter ahead. I want to try to get it finished as a christmas present. Here's the stack of fabrics I think I'll use.Probably an Essex linen too. Might tweak it a little more. Now I just have to settle on a pattern. Nothing too insanely labour intensive. 

10/10 Got inspired and had a lot of sewing time over the last few days. Going with some composed blocks and pieced elements as well as some improv piecing. So far I've made a big chevron strip, a few small stars and one Erica's Honesty block ( from the Material Obsession 2 book) 

The block from Material Obsession came out ok. All 72 Y seams match up except for 2 and I can't decide if I should take it apart to try and fix it or just leave it be. The center hexagon was fine until I joined the two halves of the block together. I have no idea what happened, I guess I stretched a bias cut piece on accident:(

1/3/2013 It's finished!!!! I finished this at about 4 am on christmas day, just in time to get it wrapped and under the tree! This is the first time I've ever attempted needle turn appliqué, so I was very pleased with the results. The vine is done via bias tape method and the leaves are all needle turn appliqué technique. Rather than slip stitch them on I FMQed the leaves. Since this is going to be a hard working quilt, I wanted to make sure the leaves would stay put. All quilting was done on my Bernina 440 QE ( with the BSR or bernina stitch regulator)

We live in rainy portland so the rain drops were necessary. I wanted them to look like they were watering a garden (thus the hexie flowers). We've grown a LOT as people and we've moved from one side of the states to the other (maryland to oregon) thus the vine.  Favorite quotes, nicknames and song lyrics are hidden everywhere in the quilting. Our cat and dog are both represented, as are our bikes! Pretty much everything in this quilt was chosen to represent something about our life together. 

I used a high loft wool batting and its backed completely in voile giving it a luxurious softness and a beautiful drape. I couldn't be more please with how this turned out. It was made with much much love :)


paper pieced hexies. the vine is some bias tape I made and the leaves are needle turn style, that I secured by fmq
i love free motion quilting words. I think I do a better job without drawing them out first. Just gotta wing it and hope its straight with no spelling errors :)
So I'm a chef with a background in Classical french cuisine. When I met my husband, he was a freshly graduated philosophy student working in produce and I was working as a cheese monger.This is his self portrait. You know, if he was a mouse





Sweet! Good winter choices... can't wait to see what you do with them eyes


I'm suddenly thinking of composed blocks, improv pieced into a top. Kinda like the Starry Eyed Girl Quilt I just finished. I'm thinking of all of our inside jokes and quotes and general lovey-doveiness. I want it to be like a hug from me every time he snuggles up w/ it :)


Beautiful fabrics-so warm and very "huggy" gift_heart


Love your choices and your very sweet!


Goldwillow-you make amazing quilts. How fun to get to watch you defy quilting gravity on this project. Love your fabrics. Keep the photos coming!!


Mymble True Sewzalot Thanks everyone :) I hit a wall with two other projects I'm working on and I needed a fresh distraction. And I realized that christmas is closer than we think!!!


Truly "watching" you work!


This is coming together beautifully- love it more- if that's possible- Q? Goldwillow what is the tiger fabric?


Ooooh, love the fabrics you've chosen! Can't wait to see the final product :)


Mymble It's one of the Echino Panther/ wild animal prints from a few years back. I'm not sure which print it is anymore as the selvedge half is gone. I swapped for it and I've had it at least a year. The weight is closer to a home dec than a quilting cotton.


Goldwillow Ah Ha! Love Echino- I have a precious half yard from last year's line I'm saving for a quilt project. Note to self: add fabric shopping trip to Japan to bucket list :)))))


Wow gorgeous!! Love all the different elements...did he like it?


True to say that he LOVED it would be putting it mildly!!! It's been in almost constant use since he unwrapped it!!!


Such a sweet story. I'm sure he was very moved by your blanket of love.


So beautiful and creatively done. Gotta love a husband that loves quilts gift_heart


I love how different this is. Nice work smile

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