It's a Me, Mario! by Jessicalam




I've seen some really cool looking 8-bit Mario quilts and I've decided to try my hand at it. My husband loves video games and I think he'll love this! Now that he has seen my first quilt, he really wants one— so much that he's been helping me plan this one out. :)  We're thinking either queen or king sized so there can be a very detailed scene.  Since this is 8-bit Mario I'm definitely using all squares so it's pixelated. The goal is to make it as "real" looking as possible. I don't care how long it takes me— I just want to really try to get all the detail I can.

October 8
I've begun by mapping out the characters and details with colored pencils on graph paper. So far I have Mario, Luigi, the question mark box, and the brick boxes. (Whatever they are called!) I began working on the pattern for a coin but I got tired after the 3rd or 4th try. I'll pick it back up and try again in a few days. :)

November 30
Got my Kona Solids Jelly Roll in the mail this week! Tonight I began cutting out my 2.5" squares. I've decided to start off by cutting all the colors. I can always use the extra colors for another project later.

December 2
I've been going back and forth with 2 ideas. 
  1. Keep the squares as is at 2.5".  This means mario will be about 26" when completed. Since everything would be so large I wouldn't be able to fit as much on the quilt. I would likely have - Mario, one box with a coin, a turtle, and the info in white along the top.
  2. Quarter the squares to make them 1.125" each. The measurement is kind of funny but I would still be able to use the jellyrolls which I prefer. I hate trying to cut perfectly from yardage. Even though it would be harder and take longer, I would be able to have an entire Mario scene much more like the game.
January 20
I started quartering my squares. This is a huge job but I just keep telling myself it will look so cool when finally completed. I think I'll be working on this quilt for a long long time. 






This is great!!!!


It's going to be fabulous!


Great idea!!! Love the Mario Bros.!


So clever!


Awesome! I have done a Mario and a 1-Up block - Mario Blocks

I did them in strips where I had lots of one color. I can't wait to see what you do with them. Also, there's a quilt along that has free patterns for all the characters if you're interested:


Wow thanks! That tutorial is so helpful! I'm new to all this and I figured there had to be an easier way to sew the millions of squares! I have heard about using the stabilizer but wasn't quite sure about it until I read through that tut. Also her patterns are great! I think I will end up incorporating some of her patterns into my design. I can't wait to start this quilt. It will be my third quilt, but the first one we actually get to keep! :)


By the way- your Mario squares are awesome! You did a great job. :)


WOW, a lot of work! But what a great quilt result.


This is so cool!


Jessicalam Thank you! sorry for the delayed response, I just saw this for some reason! :)

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