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This is a quilt I am making by hand using the reversible hexagon technique. I started this project to have a portable project that I could bring along on trips. I mostly make it when I can't do anything else so it will be a UFO for some time. 
I need to make 313 hexagons in total, 142 offwhite and 171 in colors. I have made 57 in colors and 30 offwhite so far. 

To do reversible hexagons, you need two hexagons of the same size, one cut out of fabric, the other cut out of batting.  You also need a third hexagon, cut out of fabric, that will be an inch larger than the smaller one.  


(The first official step is to sew the batting hexagon and the same-size fabric hexagon together (rigth-side out) with an 1/8 inch seam allowance. I skipped this step, but I don't remember if it was on purpose or if I just forgot to do it!)


The next step is to place the larger hexagon on the table right-face down,  place the batting hexagon in the center of the larger hexagon, then place the smaller fabric hexagon on top, right-face facing up. Pin and quilt. Then for each side, starting with side 1, 3, and 6, fold the side of the larger hexagon twice: a first time so as to allign the edge of the larger hexagon with the side of the smaller hexagon, and a second time on top of the smaller hexagon.  Sew in place and repeat for sides 2, 4, and 6.   Finally, sew all the hexagons together in the desired pattern. Results are better if flanel is used so we will see if my quilt turns out flat!



I cut the hexagons with my rotary cutter using Nancy Johnson-Srebeo's procedure.  This is how you can do it:  you cut stripes the desired width of the hexagon you want to make (from flat side to the opposite flat side, not from point to point). For example, 4 inches. Then, you cut a 60 degree angle diamond or parallelogram  (made from two cuts at 60 degrees at the same distance as the width of your stripes, 4 inches in this example).  It's like a square whose top has been pushed over by the wind and it is now crooked.  Finally, you center your ruller on the two short points of the diamond/parallelogram and you cup the longer points (ending up cutting two triangles) leaving the same space as the width of your stripe (4 inches in total, 2 inches on each side of the center line).  


I'm not sure this is clear but without pictures, it is the best i can do :)






That is a striking project. The fabrics work really well with the pattern you have chosen. I'm off to check out the reversible hexagon technique after seeing yours.


Beautiful! Very sophisticated version of a hexagon quilt.


You show how to do this, but is there a link to a tutorial for doing it this way? They are so pretty!


Hmmm - I've never heard of the reversible hexagon technique - will need to google it to see if I can find something. I agree hexxie quilts are great portable projects for take alongs...


Thanks everyone! I looked for a tutorial but no luck so far. I'll try to post more info soon.


Hope this extra info helps :)


These are love the look nd fabrics! Will be one gorgeous quilt:-)


Beautiful fabrics, the orientals were an inspired choice, and lovely work. It's a fascinating technique, I'm trying to work it out in my head. Is it not tricky to quilt something so small? I always sling my quilts into the frame before doing them.


Thanks for the tutorial. I had figured out how to do it from your pictures, but I needed help with the sizes and figured out after the first one that the center ones needed to be sewed down. How big are your center hexagons/batting?


Tenar ^Tenar, I quilt them using a quilting without a hoop technique from Sharon Stroud. I actually like quilting without a hoop better but the basting is really, really long because it needs to be close together to replace the hoop.


Debquilt , I made the center hexagon/batting 4 inches wide (from side to side, not point to point) and I am planning to make a king size quilt.

I also believe that the step of sewing the center hexagons together is quite important and I will do it from now on. It does shift when you skip this step.


Mrsquilt Thanks for the info, your quilt will be beautiful!

You can download the project as JSON data.Download JSON