Fiery Labyrinth by Mouseinmypocket


White labyrinth


This quilt uses the White Labyrinth pattern by Zen Chic.  So far, I've got my pattern and picked out my fabric.

**Update 10/23/2012**
I started cutting fabric tonight.  I got 6 of each strip size in each of the main fabrics cut out.  I also did a lot of math to figure the number of strips I need in each size.  I love this quilt, but the math is awful.

**Update 10/24/2012**
Tonight I decided that with the strips cut, the best use of my time would be to cut the pieces as I needed them - mostly because the cat likes to lay on my cut fabric and destroy any organization.  But even cutting as I go things are pretty easy.  I cut my strips in double layers, so matching ends I was able to cut my pieces out 4 at a time.  That means I can easily chain stitch pieces.  My first 4 blocks are done.  They are all A+  (A Positive) blocks, two of which have accents.

**Update 10/28/2012**
I finished 4 more of the A+ blocks.  That leaves 2 more of them left to complete before I move on to A- blocks.

**Update 10/29/2012**
I only made 2 blocks tonight, but I've finished up the A+ blocks. That's a total of 10 blocks down, with 26 to go.

**Update 11/01/2012**
I made four A- blocks tonight - all of the plain ones. There are 2 more A- blocks to do - the ones with accent fabric.

**Update 11/02/2012**
Super excited about how much I got done on the quilt this evening.  I finished the A- blocks and got all 6 of the plain B+ blocks completed, for a total of 8 blocks done tonight.  And once again, no matter how much space there is for Mouse to lay around, she wants to lay on my projects.

**Update 11/03/2012**
I finished the 5 B+ blocks with accents fabric.  That leaves a total of 9 more blocks to do.  I'm planning on grabbing some food and then coming back to work on them again.  Who knows, maybe I can even get the top assembled today.  I'd like to at least have it done this weekend.  I'm ready to get started on that quilt for dad.

**Update 11/03/2012 #2**
All of the blocks are done!  I also got the first two rows pieced together.  However, I noticed that my blocks are off quite a bit.  I'm having to rotary cut block strips to even them out for stitching together.  So, it's going to end up looking a little wonky, but I'm ok with that.  Not sure if I'll finish piecing this tomorrow or take a break.  I sewed from around noon until after midnight on this project and the one for dad.

**Update 11/06/2012**
I've finished the quilt top!  And just in time for the 2nd Anniversary #talknt sew and share!  I still have to do the back, and the top isn't what I'd call perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I still love it.  The colors are fantastic.  Maybe I'll just tell everyone it's wonky on purpose.  Yes, that's it... I did it on purpose.

**Update 11/07/2012**
I put together the back of the quilt tonight.  I'm always amazed how much faster backs go together than fronts.  With the back and front of this quilt done I don't have to be in a rush to complete something for when the local lady I had asked to quilt one of my projects is ready to do mine.  I ended up sending the quilt I'd originally planned to have her do to +Caraquilts.  She's quick and good.

**Update 02/24/2014**
I finally got around to sending this to a quilter.  They did a great job.  I'm in love with the results.






Gorgeous colors...will be very pretty!


Such rich colors! This will be beautiful!


True Janquilter thanks! I'm looking forward to starting this, but the instructions are a lot more vague than I would like.


I can't wait to see more! eyes


Firetones I'll be posting photos and updates here as I complete the project, but I'm also thinking about doing this project as a QAL soon. I just want to make sure I'm far enough ahead before I start it - especially since I send my larger quilts out to be quilted.


That is going to be a fabulous quilt. Your fabrics are striking.


Sewnsew thanks! I'm prepping all of this for a QAL.


Love this! Those colors are going to be amazing in this quilt!


Sweet Kitty!!


It looks like you have the (absolutely gorgeous) quilt inspector's approval. smile_cat


Great fabrics playing so nicely together to create beauty!!


Carolmarie Sewzalot Sewnsew True thanks all! I'm glad Mouse approves of my quilting projects. I always know which ones she likes because she lays on them the whole time I'm working on them. I just hope that the finished quilt looks as good as my first few blocks.


I like your color placement in these blocks!


The blocks are looking good. I bet Mouse is showing her approval.


Wow look at all those blocks...while I was sitting here with no electricity you were sewing up a storm of your own;-)!!!


True It's like when you tell kids to eat all their food because there are starving people in Africa. I had to do something with all that electricity.


Love your fabrics- going to be a wonderful quilt- so rich and warm looking:)


Mymble thanks! I'm really excited about it. I'm hoping to have the front and back pieced sometime in the next couple weeks.


Isn't it great to be knee deep in the creative process ?- I'm finally learning to enjoy the process part- beautiful fabrics like these really go a long way towards that- enjoy the ride:)


This is turning out so fantastic!! Can't wait to see more of it! You are doing so well!!


Lots done tonight! And Mouse definitely is looking good and approves. My Lily kept trying to climb on my lap while I was sewing on a binding tonight and when she wasn't there one of the dogs was nosing me...


True I was surprised that Mouse just wanted to set on the blocks and not on piles of fabric or me tonight... but when I came back upstairs to post photos, the cat decided to come sit on my lap. She's been there about 1/2 an hour now.


Congratulations! Mouse sat on your lap because she knows you have been flying along on it and you needed a break.


This is looking great and what a great solution to block size problem...


Looks on purpose to me and gorgeous!


This is amazing!!! You've done such a great job!!


True Sariecherries thanks ladies! I'm glad to have the top done... on to the back. I need something ready for quilting if the local quilting lady calls me - since I sent everything else to Caraquilts


Very cool quilt - looks like the perfect amount of wonkiness to me! Love the kitty - totally cracking me up.


Congratulations on finishing the top. It looks lovely....and Mouse looks very happy with your progress too! Wonky = character.


Sewnsew Rebecca thanks! The cat is always doing crazy things. And she really likes to sit on my unfinished quilt tops.


Hi Mouse... gorgeous kitty! >^..^<


This is an absolutely gorgeous finish...colors and quilting are amazing.


This is beautiful! I love the colors.


Wonderful color scheme! The name really fits.


I totally love this one. Orange is one of my favorite colors to use in a quilt and this is just stunning...and the back is perfect. Love, love, love!


Love the colors and the quilting is beautiful!

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