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Perfect fit bombshell dress


I've been sewing for 18 years (oh my god).  And I felt like I had a pretty good grasp on it, but wanted to learn more.  So I jumped in and took a Craftsy class and my mind has been crazy blown!  I'm learning so much, things that I've never even heard before that make so much sense!  I'm excited to keep digging into this one!

11/18/12  Finally got fabric for this and am chugging along!  Had a few ah-ha moments and figured where I might be going wrong with my fitting.  Getting a second muslin cut out today so I can make those changes and hopefully get started on my real fabric soon!

11/23/12  I finally finally got the fit on the bodice right!  Or at least close enough for me!! Got all of my muslin underlining pieces and fashion fabric pieces cut out.  Now I just need to hand-baste the two together and start construction.  Very excited.

UPDATE:  I got all the hand-basting done and got to assemble a few pieces!  I'm super excited to see this coming together!

11/24/12 - Got TONS done during Virtual Craft Night.  Learning a bunch of new hand stitches.  I've never spent so much time and care and hand-sewing on a part of a dress that will never see the light of day.  Its been interesting!  I think I'll take my skirt pieces to work tomorrow Tuesday to grade them to match the bodice and get them cut out on the big conference table.

12/5/12  I am stalled on getting the skirt cut out.  Partly because I want to underline it and I know how much extra work that is going to be, partly because I don't want to crawl around my kitchen floor to get these pieces chalk traced and perfectly on grain and partly because I'm worried about fit and don't really want to make a mistake.  This is the trifecta of procrastination.


So much hand-work on this inner structure of the bodice.
The first few seams!!
Hand-basting the underlining in hot pink.
There are no words to express how happy I was to cut into the fashion fabric.
Leopard print too much?! I hope not!





Glad to know you're learning a lot from your dress. I'm expecting that out of my bag project.


I've seen this class on craftsy and it looks really appealing. unfortunately for me it seems a bit too much, as i've only been sewing for a couple of years. I look forward to see how your dress turns out.
By the way, you look really young in the picture to have an 18 years' sewing experience.


Saruqa Thank you! My mom taught me when I was 13 in 4H. I did the math when I wrote that comment and nearly fell out of my chair!


Poor Sarah! Don't feel old. Feel experienced instead. As long as you're not yelling at us to get off your lawn, I think you're ok. And I really do love the fabric you picked out for this. It's so fun.


yeah, that fabric is perfect for this pattern!


yea! looking good!


it's looking better all the time!

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