Luminous by True




Work has not been fun and very stressful and I left Friday just exhausted and feeling rather unbalanced.  I was looking at +Jess leaves (and her blog tutorial) and decided I needed to use it to inspire me to just do something fun and sew the stress away.  I have long had a card framed in my bathroom that I thought would make a great wall quilt and I have had some Kaffe Fassett fabric I love but was clueless and overwhelmed with how to use.  So on commute home a plan was born and "Luminous" (radiating, shining, enlightening) came to be.  Originally I was going to copy card exactly but as got going made some changes.  And I not only love it I also think I have figured out how to use this fabric, along with some other tone on tone from my stash, to make a quilt!!  I also did my first binding by machine and loved how easy and quick it was and how nice it looks...not sure it would be as easy on a larger quilt but going to try.  This one is 18.5 x 18.5 and all done.

Fabric: Kaffe Fassett's Millefiore Tomato and Orange and Paisley Jungle Geeen and Tangerine, Connections by Fabri-quilt and some others I just had on hand.






I love how fun this is!


Mouseinmypocket thank you the colors do make me smile!


True...I love this. The fabric is fabulous. Kaffe just sings to me!! Can't believe you decided on this driving home....and 24 hrs a quilt is born.....I so wish I could be so quick! Beautiful...:)


Conniharns Thank you...this is truly an unusually fast turn around for me...must have just been waiting to be "born";-)!


Beautiful colors! "Luminous" is the perfect name! I love your quilt!!


Agreed with Sewzalot, just beautiful & bright & life-giving!


Sewzalot and Littleseamstress thank you...It truly just shines I keep looking at it and the day gets brighter...amazing what fabric can do!


Mary this is gorgeous! I love your interpretation of the original art work. I bet this was living in your brain for a long time even if you were not aware of it...and then, bingo, it all came together for you! Wonderful :)


Oh my goodness! This is beautiful! I am so impressed with the story of how this your mind and under the presser foot! And "done" is a beautiful word!


Caribousmom Thank you and I think you are right all the "pieces" we're up there floating around and then just came together! Thanks Janquilter !


True, this is so beautiful. My wish is to be as great of a quilter one day as you are right now. I wish my mind work this way but I have to actually see a picture of something to be able to make it.
And binding a large quilt on the machine is not hard. I have done many queen size quilts on the machine and I think it is the simple part of the quilt.


Quilt455 OMG you just made my are too kind!! And thanks for letting me know binding was not it really is a huge time saver I must say:-)


Beautiful True ! And you finished it in just 2 days? You are amazing. fireworks


Okay this needs to go up on your work wall to remind you that no matter how crappy the day is you are capable of rising above it and going home to create the likes of this! As for your inspiration, isn't the bathroom the best place to let your brain just float and create? I say put up more art in your bathroom and go at it!


Jbr thank you and Terryt1955 inspiration comes in all the "rooms" of our lives eh;-)! I have it with me at work today but due to space limitations think it will end up back at home on a wall. I had at one point thought of giving it to someone else but then feel head over heels in love and that is so not happening now!


Terryt1955 I am so excited I just figured out a way to change things up in my office so I can hang this at work! Now just need to add a sleeve to back and get a dowel to hang it!


I'm glad you're going to have it at work with you. Not only you will get to enjoy it but so will all your co-workers.Hey I just thought of an ongoing fundraiser you can do. Rent out your quilts to your co-workers! Genius right?


Carolmarie Sure you can and thanks!


Terryt1955 LOL what is really funny about it is we have an art program for our clients and we have their art work hanging everywhere and staff can buy it or can have it on loan hanging in their office.


Well then there you go. The road has been blazed already!


Beautiful...the colors remind me of Fall in all her colorful beauty!


Mary Thank you and you are so right about the colors!


Oh, that's so bright and joyous! I find it very cheering to work with brights as well, it's why I love making baby quilts.


Tenar Thank you...I just hung this in my office today and joyous is the perfect word for it! I love how different fabrics make us feel so different. You have amazing work I am so impressed!

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