Batik Twister by Juline


Pinwheel quilt


Back to this quilt after close to a year. It will be my biggest yet, a queen-sized *bedspread* for my mom. How big is that, 100x100?? I'm only at about 50" so far. I've got 16 of those snowball blocks that I'm really not liking. I cut a few of them in half (on the right) to see if maybe I could figure out something else to do with them. The gradient strips on the left are for the back, which will be a more modern design.

I used the Twister Tool to create the pinwheels.

3/7/13 I've been working on this a lot more lately. I've got borders done for the outside perimeter (not pictured), and I've ditched the sawtooth borders and the snowball blocks. My latest addition is an X Marks the Spot block I got from SewCraftyJess. I think I'm going to make a second, and I'll attempt to position them so they are on top of the pillows when the bed is made (it's going to be a bedspread).

3/17/13 Getting there... I've changed the design (again!). It's going to make more work, but less of the kind of work that makes my brain hurt ;).

6/18/13 Will this ever end? I'm close. I need to fill in the side panels. I really, really don't want to make any more of those corner blocks. Because this is going to be a bedspread, I realized that the corners will sort of be hidden in the folds of the fabric, so I'm thinking about taking two of them out, putting them in the middle on the sides, and then just filling in with more multi-colored border. But that will look kind of lopsided, so.....

I also ran out of the cream background fabric, so I have more of that on order. It looks odd with all the blank space around the centerpiece, but I keep reminding myself that a lot of the part on the top will be tucked under the pillows, and I can use the rest of the blank space for some creative quilting. Right??

It's at 105x117 right now. My goal is 110x124-ish. That part will be easy, I'll just add more cream border around the edge. At least I can see the end is in sight.

7/2/2013 Finally finished with the top! I've already got the back somewhat sketched out, and depending on my friend with the longarm, I hope to have it completely finished by the end of the month. I wanted to get photos of the top on a bed, just to illustrate my reasoning behind the big space between the centerpiece and the top of the quilt. It does look really odd when you look at it on its own. Mom's bed is a lot higher than mine, so it won't drag on the floor like it does in the photo. I'll post pics of the top by itself in the daylight.

7/6/2013 14 yards. That's how much fabric I need for the back. 14. yards. SO. I'm using scraps, leftover blocks, and miscuts to piece together as much as I can. Already I'm enjoying the challenge. I have a tendency to go a little piece-crazy on the backs of my quilts. One of these days I'm going to have to make a quilt with absolutely no plan in mind.

9/19/2013 DONE!!! I can't even tell you how relieved I am to be finished with this. I have a friend with a longarm, and I think she's going to let me help quilt it. I was originally wanting to do a custom quilting design, but now that it's two-sided, I think I'll just go with an all-over design. We'll see. My plan is to gift it when I go home for Thanksgiving.

9/26/13 Just came back from my quilter, and we decided on this edge-to-edge design. Now I just need to buy and make binding so I can have it ready for her to sew to the front before she takes it off the quilting frame.

12/4/13 Finally gifted this over the Thanksgiving holiday. I'm SO relieved to have it finished!


This is the back.
Taken before the last border was added.
Filler for the back





Love the colors and fabrics...and how they play together will be fun to see where you end up with this design!


Thanks. And it will -- because I have no idea! My design wall is directly in front of my work desk (I work from home), so I'm hoping staring at it all day, something will come to me.


I really like the fabrics that you are using in this project!


Really pretty...


Nice use of fabrics. The high contrast adds drama making this great design even bolder. Great idea for the pillows.


Love the X block!! I will look for you on serious addiction :D


I don't see any reason for cutting those strips on the bias either and would cut them straight. Did the original pattern use diagonal stripes for accents or something like that?

I think cutting them on the bias would make them a nightmare to work with!


The only pattern I followed was for the center twister blocks. I'm making the rest up as I go.

Nightmare how?


When I first learned to quilt, the grain direction of fabric was considered very important. It was before rotary cutters and we straightened fabric by pulling threads. We cut narrow borders and binding on the bias and all pieces in the quilt had to have the grain cut so the straight of the grain was vertical. It was impossible and took all the joy out of a project. Perhaps whoever wrote the pattern is from the old school. I myself would not cut it on the bias.


Okay, thanks. I'd rather cut it straight anyway, if for the only reason to save some fabric. But like I said, there is no pattern here.


Juline cutting on the bias makes the fabric more stretchy and more likely to distort (like when make HST's) so can make it much more difficult to get it to do what you want.


Juline - It's absolutely gorgeous. Hang in there.


Thanks. My husband found some old tent poles. I slipped the hanger hooks into the ends and he held them up for me.


Stunning!!! And what great negative space to go wild on with the quilting! this is one massive quilt!


I just read the part about needing 14 yards for the back. OMG how daunting! That really puts it into perspective about how big this quilt is.
Good luck on piecing the back and can hardly wait to see what you end up doing.


Ok first absolutely gorgeous LOVE it. 14 yards holy moly...amazing how big it is...


You're basically making another quilt as the back. Lots of love in this quilt


Wow!! Your border is amazing! I really love it!!
Welcome to Batik lovers!!!


Thank you. The border was really the most basic thing I could come up with! I originally had a flower/vine kind of thing planned, but then realized that was more than I wanted to tackle, so I just went with simple rectangles :).


Hooray - Congratulations on finishing this huge project. I know you're happy to be done and it's beautiful!!


Congrats on an amazing finish and cannot wait to see if quilted. What a gorgeous gift this will be!


Sure is lovely and I bet you made your mom's day!


Very regal looking. Congratulations! Love the photo of it on the bed.

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