Beginners' Quiltalong by Strandkorbtraum


Sampler quilt


As I wanted to try a Quilt Along I had a look around, and there where a lot to choose from. But I wasn't feeling too confident to make very complicated blocks or paper piecing. So the "Beginner's Quilt Along" was perfect I guess.

I picked fabrics to the requirements that I thought would go well together where the colourway is concerned. The more blocks I sewed the more I disliked the colours. So I was overjoyed when my mum said she absolutely loved it and enquired who was goign to get it or was I goign to keep it. So I have almost 2 weeks left to finish it in tme for her birhtday.

It was a long night, and cost me daerly (nerve wise) but I did it - I quilted my first larger quilt. Ok just STD along the sashing, but hey those lines are almost straight and there is no puckering at the back.

my bachelor thesis is off to be bound so I have all the time in the world to get the binding done untill thursday 5:12pm when my train arrives at home

I did it - It took me the complete journey and another 15 minutes at home to finish the binding. How long do you usually need for a yard of binding?

PS: I added the obligatory "animal and quilt" picture - meet the sofa panther.





What a fun sampler. You do really nice work! This obviously wasn't your first quilt, right?


ehhh ... my third ... after a log cabin and a D9P


Well your points are perfect! I also like the colorway (which if you knew anything about me a year ago you'd be shocked by that statement).


Glad you like it - I absolutely do NOT like it. I mean the fabrics fit togetehr and coordinate well, but keep that one? no way - but my mum claimed it, so I'm trying to finish it in time for her birthday.

As to the points - my mum was/is a strict teacher. She made me rip countless seams and unravel a million of projects in the past. Now I catch myself doing it on my own - voluntarily...


I agrees our point s are amazing! I really like this one... And the orange!


It was fated to be your mum's present. It looks fabulous.


Well for someone who's only done 2 other quilts, you're doing fantastic Strandkorbtraum !! Your points are pointy, your seams match up soooo nicely, and things aren't all wonky and bunched or puckered. So, kudos to your mom for teaching you so crazy as I know it must have been for you, all that friendliness with your seam ripper in projects past has certainly paid off. Great job on your quilting it too...don't cut yourself short...SITD isn't so easy to get nice and neat. :)


Congrats!!! Great finish:-)


Oops hit wrong button...and I so agree with Allpatchedup I think SITD is hard to do!


Its a wonderful quilt and the fact that your mum likes it, makes it a perfect gift for her. You did a great job!


True well I still have to go through the nightmare called binding .. I guess I have to raid the library again, I'm runnign out of DVDs

Rebeccajeffsmith - thanks, yes it really made the whole thing easier, knowing that she likes it. Of course she wouldn'T never tell me that she doesn't liek somethign I make as a present. But by claiming it that way I know she will truely like it...


Congrats on the thesis being done! That is exciting:-)


This is wonderful. I am not a fan of orange but think it is pretty in your quilt. Your mom is going to love it.


True now there is just the waiting - they did hint at grading it before Christmas

Quilt455 Ohh that's almost an honour to make you like a colour in a quilt you normally wouldn't like.


Carolmarie I call it my first - as all the others were just a max of 24"


Good luck with the binding. You can do it! Have you looked into machine binding tutorials? There's a few good ones.


Damascst aye I have looked into machine binding, I just doesn't feel right, so I will keep sewing the binding to the front and then hand sewing it to the back - I had a long train journey home so the binding kept me occupied


Great finish! And love "extra" picture!;-) I have learned to machine sew on my bindings in a way I like BUT having said that I am very selective about when I do it that way as like you it does not "feel" right to me!


Lovely - and I adore orange so this is exactly the kind of quilt I am drawn to!!!


COngratulations on your finish. Love your kitty....looks very well behaved. Does the sofa panther have a name? Bastet? Memnoch? Fluffy?


Just wonderful! I love samplers..and you did a great job on each block. I am sure your mom will cherish it.


hehe no name, no - hey but maybe I should let you all come up with suggestions. Bastet sounds ok, Memnoch is hmm too hmm ... and Fluffy heavens no there is nothing fluffy about it ..

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