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Everyone has them, everyone treasures them, everyone hates them, everyone thinks about them ...

SCRAPS - well I decided there was no use in waiting until I got enough to make (not plan - you can't plan with scraps) a quilt. So I decided to just use what I had now.

As I went through my fabric deciding what I could pack up and what I wanted to be close at hand I came across my overfull scrap box and decided to make a few more scrap patches.

2013-08-18 ahh well yes I had a mindless sewing Sunday yesterday - I have to tell you that's way nicer than reading eccentric guys write gibberish that you have to turn into meaningfull ideas.






I love your scraps!!! It is so fun look at other peoples "scraps". You have some nice ones!!


hehe thanks - I wasn't aware that there are "ugly" scraps ... anything you like in particular?


Ha! Now that you ask..... I particularly like the little Yellow check, white dot, light purple, dark purple -mini log cabin number towards the bottom center of the photo. That is particularly apealing!


WOW! This is excellent! When I have scraps I carefully cut them into "standard" shapes...this is so free and wonderful!


This is going to be fantastic!


ohh but that would mean wasting so much "good" fabric. I do cut some into squares, for a post stamp quilt in ehh 30 or 40 years...


I really do like the look of scrappy quilts.


How fun! Love all those dots and checks you have in your "scrap pile"...can't wait to see these all sewn together!!


Caribousmom ahhh ... sew it all togther, I think that will take some more time ... I need to do some more "regular" sewing to get more scraps first.


Scrappy quilts are my favourites - yours will be fun and colourful -- I especially like the touches of gingham!


I can't even imagine how to even start somehting like this. WOW!


This is great!


This will be super! If you don't mind having scraps from other people's projects, I'd be happy to send you a bag of scraps- I have way too many!!!


I love all your bits and pieces Leo! :)


Terryt1955 it's really easy, just don't sort your scraps - put them all in a box and then just grab a handful and start sewing pieces together that are matching in size, so you won't have much to trimm off.

Laweigel Thanks!


Mymble Ohh I love scraps from other people they are usually so different from mine - but no I couldn't ask you to send them all the way over the ocean ..


Strandkorbtraum no problem- it's not all that much-, but if this project is going to be an ongoing one, I can just include a bag of scraps with your June block for Bee Biased- but since it doesn't seem like my "surprise" package reached you that I sent in January :(((- I used the same address too- I'd better re check your address. If you want to finish it earlier I'll send them out next week- I'd be thrilled to know they are going to a good home:)


Mymble Ohh I wouldn't start worrying too soon abotu the package they sometimes travel a good 3 weeks (soemtimes longer a Christmas letter from Canada, sent a week before christmas got here in the first week of February)

And no please don't send anything to my address in Leipzig - I'm not going to live here for much longer. So it would be better to save them until June ... if you want to get rid of them now - I can give you an "in between" address or if you are patient for a few more days my new address...


Wow- that is a long time- okay- well patience is fine- I've had them sitting around for this long- they can sit for a bit more:)))= but send me your new address as soon as you know it and then I'll get them winging their way to you- considering the mail speed it would be best to get them on their way:)


Mymble Aye sure I will inlcude you in the huge amount of "please note I moved any here is my new address please delete/erase the old one" - mail ...


Wow- you have made incredible headway on this- they have a slightly "nautical flags" look to them which I think is fantastic- however you put them all together, this is going to be great!


Mymble - that was my exact thought. At first glance I thought nautical flags.

Leo - what a lot of work.Looks great


HawkFan Mymble
Thanks both of you! Aye that's what I love about scrappy - and I mean truly scrappy not ust different fabrics, but taking every piece in the shape it comes - it doesn't matter how you put them together they will look intriguing. And there are so many oddities and patterns to find - there is one "bug" print I know of where you can see the whole bug, I have a be-headed penguin ... (rambling - stopping it)

aye Hawk it's an awful lot of work - but then again, you don't need to do much thinking and you can squeeze it in any time. No planning necessary. Just mindless/mindnumbing sewing ... can be a good therapy ...

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