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I loved the class and learned new techniques. I cannot wait to finish it. Just trying to decide if I should do sashing with corner stones, or just sashing, or no sashing.

Visit the final blog post here: The Berry Bunch: Craftsy BOM - Finished

*update 6-22-2013* I decided to go with the sashing and cornerstones (as you can see from the images). I was debating on piecing the backing using the leftover fat quarters but after a trip to JoAnn's discovered a cute brown polka dot fabric and some cute blue for the binding. The blue is close to the blue in the quilt! :) Just need to prewash the backing, sandwich, baste, quilt then bind! :)

*6-25-2013* Quilt is sandwiched and basted, now to start the quilting! :)

*10-7-13* Just 19 more squares to quilt!

*10-14-13* Switched to my darning foot. I feel I can complete the quilting on a block faster by FMQ. 12 more blocks to quilt...

*11-13-2013* finished the quilting. I did one block in white. Mostly because I wanted it to blend in on the from but the red on bottom was not working (silly picky machine). Just burying the thread, then bind and wash and it will be done! Yay! :)

*2-13-2014* Accidentally sewed the binding onto the front first, which means hand stitching the rest of the binding. First time hand seen binding! I don't think that is for me...






These are great! I'm so jealous! I'm several months behind on this one but I do love the class.


That looks like a great class! Love looking at such a great variety of different designs! Really neat!!


Wow is this the same Craftsy class that Kathie just posted on? I'm intrigued. Is there a set time or is it a do at your own pace? These blocks are so fun. Love how the different choice of fabric makes them look completely different. What color are you going to use for the sashing? I'm loving that aqua color you've used !


Kathie I am so excited that I made this far! My Mom and I got together every other Sunday to do the blocks. I think that kept us motivated! :)


Sewzalot It was awesome! I loved it! So easy to follow! :)


Terryt1955 The BOM was a free course through They are video tutorials that work through how to do each block. It's great because you can pause, replay and go back to it later! each month was released at the beginning fo the month so you couldn't go ahead, which I probably would have done! :) I have no idea what I am going to use for the sashing! I haven't fully decided yet but probably should as that is the next class (November). I was thinking a taupe, but now that you bring up the aqua, if I could find a similar hue, that would be awesome! Unfortunately I don't have much of that one left!


You're almost there! And the brown polka dot backing is so cute!


Terryt1955 Thank you! My son picked out the polka dot backing! Future quilter in the making? smile Now if only he would go take a nap so I can work on it!


Jessiberry Well if you figure out the secret let me know. We babysit our grandson and he is not big on naps at all.


Terryt1955 I pretty much run or day by the timer on the oven. He doesn't like going down for one, but will take one. I think he does better when he knows it's coming...


What a great idea. I'm going to try that timer idea. It makes sense. We can tell by looking at the clock when we need to start winding down and since they can't tell time a timer would work. My daughter is expecting #2 in November so it's time to get the first one on a schedule! The honeymoon is over!


Yours is so cute, you've inspired me! I'm about half way through with my block of the month--I got intimidated by the dresden and never went back. Today I'm going to dig it out and get back to work!
Love the sashing and cornerstones. It really makes the blocks pop :smile


VictoriaJ Thanks! I think the blocks got lost without something between them, They each need their opportunity to shine! :) I am so excited to get this done, it will feel so good to have them complete. Don't worry about the dresdens, They aren't that bad at all, and I despise applique! :) You can do it! :)


Great job!


Aizome Thank you! smile Now only if I could finish it already! smile


Jessiberry , very nice job and what a way to learn a lot of different blocks. I LOVE Craftsy classes just because you can pace them to what fits for your life at that time. They are always available so if Life gets in the way, they are still there when you can get back to them. Keep up the good work!


It looks great! You can still machine bind it, i have done it both ways - first sewing to the front and first sewing to the back. If you have stitch in the ditch walking foot, that is a big help.... just make sure you iron over the binding and then go slowly checking often to make sure you have caught the edge to of the binding on the back side.


Very nice! I discovered Craftsy last year and am still working on these blocks.


Quilterinmotion Thanks! I love the craftsy classes for that reason too! It's great!


TiffanyRay I wish I had a walking foot, one on order and should arrive in a few days! I am not that great at keeping it straight on, and wanted to give the hand binding a try... Now that I tried it, I'm good! :)


sewcraftyjenn Craftsy is great! Cannot wait to see your BOM! :)


I posted the pictures of the 14 blocks I have done. I've been working on other projects for a while now and need to get back to the other 6! :)


Jessiberry I'm still getting the hang of posting on here. I just realized there was a reply button! LOL. I posted pics of what I have completed.

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