Frog Baby Quilt by Mouseinmypocket




I've probably lost my mind, but I'm thinking about doing a ticker tape style quilt.  I was inspired by +Jess who made some awesome Ticker Tape Thanksgiving Placemats and this awesome ice cream cone illustration that +SarieCherries found. 

I'm wanting to make the quilt as a baby gift, but I've never made anything like this before, so I'm not sure that it will turn out at all.  What do you think?  I've got my concept sketched out. Should I give it a try?

Right now, I have my original drawing for the layout and a digital version with the color concept for the project.

**Update 11/02/2012**
I drove up to The Stitching Post in Washington, IN today and found some great fabrics to use for this.  I've got fabric for the background, backing + binding, and for the frog.  I still need fabric for the heart, mouth and tongue, but I have lots of fabrics in my stash that I think will work.  I ended up not going with batiks (which was my original intention) because I couldn't find a combination that I thought would make the frog easy to see.  I am pretty happy with the fabric I did find though.

**Update 12/23/2012**
Thanks to an official date for the baby shower way sooner than I thought I'm going to be getting started on the quilt.  I'm using the ^ticker-tape-thanksgiving-placemats tutorial to make it, and have done up my official design on the computer and gotten it printed out. Yes, I printed out a 44x55inch design out on my printer, I'm weird like that.  It also means I can lay my fabric out on the design and just trace.

**Update 12/30/2012**
Thanks to a good night of VCN, I was able to get the top for this little frog quilt finished.  I really had no idea what I was doing, and I just made things up as I went along, but it turned out great.  I started with my dragonfly, and decided it should have wings that flapped, everything else went on from there.  I also decided to use a fleece for the cattails and left over moleskin for their stalks.  It added a lot of depth and texture to the quilt, just like the layered batting I decided to use for the frog, who is quite puffy and happy on the finished quilt.  Now, if I could find some batting, I'd be doing really well.

**Update 01/19/2013**
I finally got around to finishing this quilt this afternoon.  It came out really well.  I almost hate to give it away-- almost.






Oh yes you should defintely give it a try and I will love watching! This is so sweet and fun.


True What fabrics would you recommend? I'm thinking a blue batik for the background. Maybe I should stick with batiks for the rest of the project too?


I think this would be awesome with batiks! Or any other pretty tone on tone... the Connections Collection I am using from Fabri-quilt would be great in this as well:-) Alot of good that does you eh?


This is awesome!! YES! Do it! We can figure it out together!


Great idea- can't wait to see it come to life! I'd vote for the batiks also- Island Batiks are a favorite of mine.


Love your final design and canot wait...


This is going to be so cute...can't wait to see the finished quilt. I like your fabric choices.


LOVE that dragonfly and its wings! So cute and what a great idea for cat tails...really are you going to border it?


True at this point, I'm not planning on a border. I just want to get it sandwiched and quilted.


Congrats on the cute when do you give it away?


True The first weekend in Feb.


This is so adorable! It really came out well. Yay! :)

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