California Dreams by Sandyquiltz


Five yard design


This was done using a Five Yard Designs pattern; one yard each of five fabrics does the entire front, border, and binding. You do need extra yardage for the backing. (Unfortunately, I bought the pattern in a quilt shop out of state, and now I can't find it online, so I can't link it. Apologies!) The fabric line is named Sausalito, and this was a gift for another niece of mine who loves traveling to California to visit our other nieces out there, so I named it "California Dreams."
It was a very easy pattern to put together, and pretty fast. The Sausalito line was a little difficult to work with, though. Looser weave than I'm used to so a little scootchy. If you do see the pattern at a shop, I recommend it. Easy way to use up some stash. I can imagine myself making another one as a gift sometime!

UPDATE: Found the pattern in my pattern box. Five Yard Quilt #506: Shadow Boxes. By Mary Danielson. Finished size is 55x71". The website seems to be down, but she does have several other Five Yard Quilt patterns available through





The colors of this are so soothing and I really like that pattern...


Thanks, True ! Wish I could find the pattern online to link to it. It really was an easy one to work with that makes up nicely.


This is a great pattern. It's scrappy but not overly busy that it induces a seizure (I think I have a problem). I love just having to find 5 fabrics that you love, you don't have to spend an afternoon at the fabric shop pulling bolts off the shelves only to return them because one just doesn't work anymore. Thanks so much for sharing this! This might just be the answer to my finding a quick quilt to do in time for Christmas!


Terryt1955 , I have to chuckle because after I found the pattern this afternoon, I got looking at it and thought, "I need to make this again and use up some of my stash." I now have a project box ready to take on my next retreat with five fabrics and the pattern. The focus fabric is one I've had for at least two years and love, so now I can't wait to make it again!


I've been trying to locate the pattern. Is it out of print? Now I'm obsessing over it. Yes I definitely need help!
So I'm assuming the focus fabric is the one in the large uncut block? I'm trying to draft it which is a joke!


Terryt1955 I think it might be--I looked for it to link and couldn't find that one--just newer ones. Her blog is at You can probably contact her through that to find out if she still has it or to get measurements or something.


Thanks I'm on it.


Ohhhhhh, that is so lovely.


Ohh this looks good - I'm not doing pastel tone in tone myself, but that's just because I think it's harder to work tone in tone than contrasting ... But I shall give it a try as the muted colour are not so catchign to the eye and more calming.

You can download the project as JSON data.Download JSON