Kylie's Chevron Quilt by Kathie




I know I should be working on all my UFO's and Christmas gifts (though this probably won't be done until then) BUT my youngest daughter just moved to Portland for college and is freezing :smile:!  She's picked out some fabrics when she was home last month and asked me to make her a quilt. This little So Cal gal just isn't prepared for the cold evenings and paying the electricity bill herself.

Christa at Christa Quilts just started a new QAL to make a chevron quilt. I had followed another one of her QAL's and it's a nice pace for me so I decided to hop on board. I've added the tutorial here. My daughter picked out some grew's from 3 Sister's Etching collection (Moda) that I had in my stash :grin:! Thank heaven she deviated away from black! After trying out many grays (boy do they differ in the light!) I finally chose Kona's Charcoal for the solid stripes in-between the fabrics.

The tutorial calls for Charm packs but I wanted the chevron to be larger so I took fabric and cut it into 8.5 inch squares. Then I got out my Excel skills and designed a new layout for my larger squares so I knew how many to cut. With my new sewing machine (yay!) it was a breeze to chain stitch all the HSTs together. I'm thinking of backing it with a flannel to make it warmer. Any suggestions for me from the Portland Threadbiasers?

Update: I just had to see the blocks t laid out! I have to adjust it a bit but I think she's going to like it.

Nov 12th: I finished piecing the top this morning! I love how my points are actually pointy :smile:. I resized it by taking out two columns and adding an additional row. Of course now I have a nice long quilt (92 in) which is a little too narrow (60.5 in) so I'm considering borders. Would it look too weird if my sides were thicker than the top and bottom?? or should I just add sides??  I've picked out some beautiful flannel for the backing . . . Primitive Gatherings' Wool and Needle Flannel in Houndstooth Raven. It is so soft that I thought it would be wonderful for the cold winters in Portland. 

Jan 12, 2013: Had a few family emergencies over the holidays so as hard as I tried, the quilt only got to the sandwich phase. I'm now quilting it and with my new machine it's really gone well, it just takes so long :grin:! I have to have it done before I go up to visit my daughter in a couple of weeks, yikes!

Jan 17, 2013: Quilting is done! It took me a little over 15 hours but I'm done, whew! Now onto making the label and binding . . .

Jan 28, 2013: I'm finally done! I began to feel this poor quilt was jinxed as a major crisis seemed to happen every time I'd make some progress. The latest event was straining my back from sewing too long on this heavy quilt without getting up and walking around. I've learned a lot on this quilt and really love how it turned out! The back is soft flannel and the quilting was quite an accomplishment for me :smile:. It's now done just in time to deliver to her next week!


Tah! Dah! I'm finally done!
My first machine embroidery try
Quilt front
Quilt back
Quilting is done! Binding next . . .
I love how the flannel back looks!
A little quilting detail
Quilting with my new Babylock!
Echo quilting the solid chevrons
All sandwiched!
Quilt top completed!
I love the paisley





I love the fabrics you have chosen this is going to be gorgeous. And what a great idea to not only keep her warm but wrap her in mom's love! I have to tell you my quilts make a huge difference in keeping us warm here in Maine. They amaze me how much they help. My mom in Michigan even mentioned when she was without power last week (thus no heat or heating blanket) that her large lap quilt kept her warm and toasty all night long!


Thank you, I'm so glad to hear this will keep her warm! She wouldn't listen when I told her to pack some cuddle duds to wear under her clothes. She even slept in her boots one night.


This is awesome! It's very similar to a UFO I have so I must say it's fantastic!! ;) lol Good to hear the new machine is working out well for you.

It will keep her nice and warm and she'll have something you made just for her nearby always. :)


Allpatchedup Thank you! The new machine is amazing! I had no idea how different it would be. I told my husband it's like the difference of driving our old VW bug and his Camery XL.


LOL Kathie ! That is definitely a good comparison. ;)


Kathie Love this...send her some wool socks as well they will keep her nice and warm at night!!


Lookin great!!! If you're looking to make it wider, a border is the def the way to go if you don't want to do more blocks. IMO if you made a border with the dark color (slate solid) you used it would look very nice and like it was done on purpose!!! wink And you can certainly do a wider border on the sides and more narrow one on the top and bottom....will even the sizing out nicely. :)


Thanks for the advice True and Allpatchedup ! I was hoping to have it done by Thanksgiving but I think this is a Christmas quilt.


Hey, a Christmas Quilt is a wonderful thing too!! ;)


Wishing you speed on the quilting process! How are you going to quilt it? Or should I ask how close will the quilting lines be? I've seen some that are insanely close but it must take weeks to do.


Love it...quilt Mom quilt!!! you will get it done:-)


Looking good Kathie !! I hope it quilts up somewhat quickly for you (I know how long those zigzags can take to quilt heh),


Terryt1955 Thanks! Unless I get faster, I'm leaving them the way I have the first solid chevron completed (middle four 0.75 in apart & outer rows 1.25 in). I don't want to make it too close as she wants a soft quilt and the backing is flannel. I haven't decided on how I'll quilt the printed chevrons yet, I want something a bit wavy there.


Allpatchedup Thank you! My back hurt just from all the "stitch in the ditch" I did smile . . .


Oye...I bet! That's my least favorite part of quilting....the backache. :/


I thought I was the only one whose back hurt after quilting because of my car accident. Not that I wish pain on anyone else I'm glad I'm in good company and that it just comes with the territory.


That is a beauty of a quilt! I live in Portland too and right now it's chilly! She will get good use of this until at lest March! The quilting is looking good and sharp!


Bluebirdsews Thank you! It is heavy and the flannel backing is so soft that I think it'll be great for her. I don't think my little SoCal girl realized what cold really can be smile !


Love the quilting! And will keep her I sit in front of woodstove;-)


Kathie, this is very nice. Love you quilting on it.


Yay you're on the home stretch! You did a really nice job on the quilting. What fabric are you going to bind it with? I think the binding is my favorite part~partly because it means it's almost over but also because it's framing your work. My very favorite part is picking the fabric.


Terryt1955 my choice would be a contrasting grey but she requested the matching charcoal grey. Thank you!


Thank you True and Quilt455 ! I'm trying not to be too much the perfectionist on this as it may never be seen again once it goes on her bed!


To be honest I would have gone with the charcoal gray as well! Tell Kylie she has godd taste!LOL! And I know what you mean about wondering if you'll ever see the quilt again once it leaves the house and goes to college.


Beautiful Kathie!


Can you hear me cheering for you? I know this one gave you quite a bit of trouble so congratulations on finishing! It turned out lovely, and I really like the label you made - very sweet. Let us know how your daughter likes it!


Rebecca Thank you! I can't wait for her to see it, and I'll be staying with my eldest daughter and her husband so they'll get to see it before it disappears into Kylie'sl bedroom.


Love it and LOVE the label. So glad you made it in time and sure hope your back is better. Hurting our backs is so painful!!


That is absolutely lovely! The label is gorgeous. Congratulations on your finish.


That is a beautiful quilt-I love the label and the fabrics!!! Have a great trip to see your daughters.


I love how this turned out. Love the label. How fun to deliver it in person-take pictures!


This turned out beautiful Kathie . The label is just adorable and you did fabulous on your finish. Hope your back recovers quickly! ;)


What a wonderful quilt! I know your daughter is MUCH warmer now. I made college quilts for each of my 6 kids and they were some of the most fun ones I have made.


Wonderful: quilt, label, photo series. Someday I'll make a chevron quilt :)


Thank you everyone! I'll let you know how the in person quilt review goes smile .


Gorgeous! I love the special touch on the back with your embroidered "signature". Great idea. You do beautiful work, Kathie .


Love this quilt! I just finished a chevron quilt myself, and looked up the others tagged chevron quilt here. How did you do that adorable label? Hand or machine? And what kind of machine is your new one? Lots of fun reading the story behind your quilt.


Aizome thank you for your kind remarks. I have a Baby lock Ellagio Plus and I used the embroidery component to make the label. Since this quilt orders from the rest of my adult children (who forgot mom can sew) have been coming in.


Kathie Wow, what a neat machine. The features go on quite long. I'm not surprised that the rest of the children want quilts now!!! Really love that label...


Love this quilt and the label is fantastic!


HawkFan thank you! I'm so happy that my daughter loves it and has something to keep her warm this winter. Of course if she was back home in So Calif it would be useless as we've never had a winter this year sun .

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