A Walk in the Woods by Joke




I know the block is an actual pattern, but I'm not sure what it is... I saw the design on another quilt and copied it on graph paper and figured out how to piece it myself. I only just fixed the borders last week after leaving it for months, and now I'm working on the backing! I definitely have trouble cutting large pieces of fabric :construction_worker: In the end I've used some of the left over jelly roll pieces and I'm trying to put a pieced backing together. I have my batting and binding fabric ready to go, so hopefully I will actually finish this soon and will be able to say "Hey I've actually made something!".

All of the blocks are made out of a single jelly roll. Only the backing and borders use yardage.

16/6/13: I pulled out all my UFOs today, and set myself a challenge on my blog. Can I finish 7 UFOs in the next 7 months?! This one is the oldest one that's even close to being finished, so I figured I'd get this together first. I finished piecing the backing and then basted it. Unfortunately i didn't have enough pins because they're in my Treeline quilt so this wasn't pinned as much as I wanted it to be... which is showing on the back when I started quilting it because there's a nice big puckered fold in it now. I'm not going to worry about it too much as this quilt is terrible haha! A lot of the seams are puckering open or split, but I'm just ignoring them and plan to just quilt over the top to hold it down :cold_sweat: I decided as this was the first top I ever pieced, it's likely to be terrible so I just need to live with it; so I'm just using the top as practice for FMQ to get the hang of these loops! But ahhh my thrad keeps breaking and it's so annoying!! I'm using a gradient Aurifil 50wt thread and I've never had an Aurifil thread break so much. I do think it has something to do with my sewing though, as I noticed a couple of times it broke, the thread seemed to be pulling quite tightly. So all these thread breakages are also making the back messy with the threads haha. Oh well :(

Since my quilting photo was imported weird, the link to the flickr shot is here : http://www.flickr.com/photos/thepatchproject/9056828616/

17/6/13 : Finished quilting!! As I got more comfortable with FMQ, I tried some hearts (easy) and something that was supposed to be a flower .....................  I even managed to do my name, which I made right along the edge in case I screwed it up terribly, so it's going to be covered by the binding but oh well. I have picture proof :wink:

I'm so proud of myself for kind of getting the hang of this! I still need a lot of practice, like making my stitch length more even, and making the pattern itself more even. I really wanted to do more larger loops but I ended up doing way too many little filler ones.

Unfortunately there's a huge pucker on the back, which makes me sad but maybe I'll stick a label over it! I really should start doing quilt labels... it's not like I'm giving this quilt away or plan on using it for anything in particular so I'm not going to worry about it.
Tomorrow, I'll put on the binding. I have the same red solid as the inner border to use for binding (Bella Scarlet).
18/6/13: finished!!! Not 100% happy due to the puckering on the back and the binding isn't the best. I am happy this is one UFO done and that it's the first top I ever put together.


loopy heart!
alien flowers
I learnt how to write my name!!
All quilted and draped over my table, waiting to be bound.





I ❤ the block design! Very cute quilt.


Very cute and love how you figured it out!


Very cool design!


Janquilter True Aizome Thankyou :)


This is beautiful! Great Job!


You did a great job of trimming and getting all those blocks lined up. I'm super impressed with your FMQ. So brave of you!!


This is so cute... I'm glad you made past your thread troubles!


Very nice - love the design.


Thanks Skynme , Terryt1955 , Stamdl and twistedandloose ! I'm hoping once I'm done with this quilt, I can graduate from FMQ loops and go onto squiggles!! laughing


Let the "squiggles" begin!


You did a really great job on finishing this. I love the little loops and hearts. I may have to try that one next, so far I just do stipple and this clover looking shape and neither are very good.


Congratulations on finishing this and some cute quilting.


Congrats on making it through and getting past the yucky thread issues- love all the FMQ-ing- and dittos to Terry- onward to squiggles!:) Enjoy your lovely quilt!


Finished is good; the design is wonderful. And most people focus on the fronts. Good luck on the next 6 finishes.

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