Hot Wheels Quilt by Ajdub




This is a quilt for my Hot Wheels crazy son. It has been a few years in the making. He chose the fabrics when we were at a local quilt shop. He saw the race cars and thought they were hot wheels and had to have mom make him a quilt with it.





Ok- you don't want to go to sewing prison- I totally understand- this is why I am very nervous about pinwheels often- they sometimes lean in this direction- how about appliqueing large triangles from orange to orange- or appliqueing large cars- piece them from solids and any leftovers you have- basically cover and cut off the unfortunate design element?


I thought of what Mymble came up with but you could also pick a new fabric (if do not have enough of what already have in quilt) and applique rectangles that would serve to join the add 4 rectangles around edges where hot wheel fabric now shows through. Hope that makes sense...would end up framing the hot wheels fabric...


How about cutting it up and sewing it back together in a different way--maybe cutting it into 4th and scrambling the pieces?


Two more good ideas there from Aizome and True -this can be salvaged!!! Here's another thought....what make some of the orange and off white(?) bars into cars themselves- applique some wheels? add some windshields and other details, etc....- then you don't have to make an entire applique- not sure if it removes the look but worth drawing it out to see;)))


Thanks all! Applique was one option suggested, but I know this quilt is going to be well used and applique does not hold up well enough. Another issue is tracking down more flame fabric. It is discontinued and I have only found it on ebay.

Cutting it up was at the top of my list of options, as I hate to un-sew. :) I think to avoid seams, I would need to do it in thirds. What do you think?


Thirds sounds good!


I just chopped it up in Photoshop and it looks odd. I think I may just have to bite the bullet and rip, rip, rip,


I wonder if there is some creative quilting that could break up the look of the swastika? When I first looked at it I didn't see it, btw. It wasn't until i read the description and stared for a minute that it came into focus. Once you see it though you can't get around it...


An alternative to ripping...use a ruler and a rotary cutter right next to the seams. When you sew back together it will be smaller overall but you could add an extra border to compensate. The quilt overall is really cute, it is unfortunate when inadvertant shapes come together :(


I ripped.


Ajdub brave! and no doubt the best choice in the end- will look forward to seeing it in its new form:))))

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