Carpenter's Stars by Pompom


Carpenter's stars


I started this quilting project as my husband and I were travelling around Australia in our RV, it's all hand sewn and made with the Kansas Troubles line, Cattails and Clover. Funny, when I'm in the sun and light I tend to make autumnal and winter style quilts, now I'm in the dreary dark of a UK winter I make light and summery quilts. The centre is a carpenter's wheel and the surround will be the stars, I haven't done any work on this project for some time as we were involved in a serious car crash during the making of it and I can never quite bring myself to pick it up and get going again, hoping that changes soon as I'd like to donate the finished article to my favourite charity for ex-racing greyhounds.
29th Sept.2013 yet again I have allowed this project to languish in the WIP pile for a long time, at least now we have a quilt top and although it's not what I had originally intended I think it does look good. All the main fabrics are by Kansas Troubles (they design the best autumnal fabrics), a mixture of Cattails and Clover and Bound to the Prairie and the background fabrics are a mix of what I had to hand, the backing is another Kansas Troubles line, Vine Creek in red and tan. The quilt is now pinned and ready to be quilted, my feeling is that I will handquilt this one as it's already taken so long what's the hurry right.
27th Mar. 2014 Well I can promise this is the very last post on this saga of a quilt because it's finished, finally! The hand quilting took ages but, as always, was worth it. The binding is from the Clermont Farm range by Minnick and Simpson and I'm happy with how it frames the quilt. I have donated 3 other quilts to the greyhound charity as I decided to keep this one, it's the perfect size for sofa snuggling.


Finished Article
Autumn Leaves
Feather Double Circles





What a beauty and done by hand oh my! I am so sorry to read about crash and hope all is ok now, terrifying. Makes sense to me that it has been hard to go back to but hope you do as it will be gorgeous done.


This is a beautiful quilt! I love those fabrics. All that handwork is amazing. I do know how it feels though, to associate an object with an event. I hope you are fine and that you will be able to get back to this lovely piece.


Its lovely! I have always adopted the philosophy that quilting is not a take your time and enjoy the process....When I lived in sunny hot Florida I always wanted bright, pastel and cool colors! Now that I live in sometimes dreary north, I find warmer colors coming into my work. smile


This is beautiful and I love the colors. I hope you are recovered from the accident.


This is beautiful. The colors you out are just fabulous. Love it


Janquilter Jodyrose Sewexcitedquilts Quilt455 True Thank you for the lovely comments and yes we are both recovered from the crash, we were very lucky. Quilting is my hobby and I find it therapeutic too (mine and everyone else's) which is why I have several quilts on the go all the time.


What a gorgeous finish! The hand quilting is lovely. Congrats!!


Amazing, beautiful AND finished! Yay! So glad you were able to keep this for yourself. Hopefully when you look at it now you can say you won over the car crash.


This is beautiful! You will definitely enjoy snuggling in this gorgeous quilt.


Great finish on a beautiful quilt


Gorgeous pattern and lovely work. Sometimes hand piecing and quilting are just right. Relaxing.

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