I remember when... (a labour of love) by stitchcat


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This is my first hexagon quilt. I found a fat quart bundle at my local LQS and was immediately drawn to the theme. A young girl helping her mother as she prepares a sewing project. This was very much like my childhood as my mom was (and still is) an avid sewist.  Being as it was in the remnants section - I could only purchase what was left. My mom is a cut throat bargain finder so this would be in keeping with the spirit of the quilt. 

I found a hex along group (which I think most members have already finished their projects) and learned some techniques that I had found on the web. I fussy cut a number of the hexagons. I'm finished all the hexxies and plan to take it back to my LQS to get ideas of how to attach it to the fabrics I plan to use for the border.

Nov 13/12 update: discussed my plans for finishing my quilt - and it has become more elaborate than I initially planned. Having said that this is the first quilt that I'm making which holds some sentimental memories for me, so I think in the long run it will be worth the investment of time. Back to the hexxie cutting board...

Nov 15/12 update: I have just found out that the fabric I am using is based on a a collection of "Mary Frances" books (thanks Mymble!) I've found a website that says it is the 100th anniversary of the Mary Frances book collection.  My grandmother's name was also Mary Frances. Small wonder I was so drawn to these fabrics!  Bother the author of the books and my grandmother were schoolteachers. She taught in a small rural schoolhouse on the prairies.

Jan 5/13: Waiting for more hexxies to be cut and joined for the border.

For more details on this project see my blog stitch cat studio : http://stitchcatstudio.blogspot.ca/2012/04/new-project-in-process.html





Splendid fabrics!


Stitch Thank you! They aren't really in my colour palette but I couldn't resist. And the panel was perfect!


This is the Mary Frances & Thimble Friends fabric collection by Amy Barackman- love it. A few online stores have a limited amount of some of the patterns. I have the Mary Frances books - collected them for my first daughter-and have always loved the illustrations- your quilt will be a delight.


Oh I love this quilt and fabric is just wonderful...cannot wait to see it done!


Mymble Thank you for this information! I am not familiar with the books, but the illustrations really evoked alot of warm and fuzzy memories and emotions for me. I'll have to see if I can find these books at my local library.


Stitchcat Several online book retailers including Amazon carry the reprints, and the originals come up frequently on ebay- I have the set of reprints and even then they were costly- but worth it;) Check out Amy Barackman's company http://www.indygojunction.com/ and the subdivision The Vintage Workshop- has lots of images etc...and Amy's website http://amybarickman.com/the-vintage-notions-book/ which has info about her book Vintage Notions which is a reprint compilation of the work of Mary Brooks Pickens- all lovely vintage goodies:) Happy Sewing!


Mymble Thank you for this - I'll check it out : )


Love the story behind this one!! I am still so impressed by those quilters who make these hexagon quilts - amazing and beautiful!


Wow! I love the graphics! Thank you for all the information on this. What a wonderful quilt!


The fabrics are lovely. What a wonderful story behind your quilt.


I sooooo love this fabric. I love the way you have fussy cut the printed one. Tried to see if I could find some and saw it in red. Oh yummy. But unfortunately doesn't look like it's available.


Capetowngirl I was very lucky! I found it as a Fat Quarter bundle in the 50% off section of my LQS. I was lucky it came with a panel...


Ooooo...love these fussy cuts. Have you finished this one yet? Such calm gentle colors too. Very nice!


Charwirfs Charwirfs No - it's a work in progress... I don't seem to get too fussed about projects that take a long time (which is good because I haven't actually been working on it for awhile!


Yeah, same here. Looking forward to watching it come together....

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