Happy Anniversary by Juline




Next month I will celebrate my 20-year work anniversary with my current employer -- a small, women-owned court reporting and captioning firm in Portland, OR: The City of Roses, where coffee is king, and all you have to do is put a bird on something to make it art ;). This is my gift to them, basically for putting up with my negativity for the last 20 years ;). I used their logo and their signature black/red/white colors. I've got some more kitschy coffee fabric I'll add to the back.

I'm pretty happy with it so far, but for reasons I won't get into here, I'm kind of bitter about some things regarding my employment there right now, so making this isn't as fun as I was hoping it would be. It will pass eventually, as it always does. /sigh

12/29/12: Finished!

* The white background fabric has capital letters scattered all over it.
* Portland is The Rose City, hence the rose.
* The show "Portlandia" declared that putting a bird on anything will make it art.
* The company's legal name is Latte No Sugar (long story I told a few weeks ago), plus the owners are coffee fanatics, so I used the fun coffee cup fabric at the bottom.
* Since the business is captioning and court reporting, I used a black text fabric for a piece on the back and for the binding.
* Captioning style dictates chevrons for each new line, so I incorporated that into my label.

I was worried that I had too many puckers before I quilted it, and that I'd have to wash it to hide them. But I was afraid if I washed it the little steno keys would fray, so I coated them with no-fray just in case. After I ripped out a few seams and changed my needle, the puckers lessened, and even more so after I quilted it, so now it's nice and flat. No washing necessary.

I'll gift it tomorrow before the company holiday party.






Sorry to hear about your employment woes...that's never fun.

It looks lovely tho and I'm sure they'll appreciate the work you put into it....reluctantly tho it may have been atm. ;)


I love the graphics! We just got back from Thanksgiving in Portland visiting our two daughters and son-in-law! I loved the crisp air after the rain would stop. Great walks up there. My daughters won't allow me to go to any fabric stores so the next visit I'm renting a car and hitting all the great shops.
I am sorry about the frustrations. I think that's why my daughter started her own business smile .


They wouldn't allow you?! What? Sheesh. Let me know next time you come and I'll TAKE you to some :).

I think owning your own business just invites a different set of issues. No thanks.


Fun quilt and I love the quilting motif you used. The back is almost as pretty as the front. Do they have a glass wall they can hang it on?

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