Bonnie Hunter "Easy Street" Mystery Quilt by Sandyquiltz


Easy street


I've decided to do my best to track this as a work in progress over the next couple of months. I'm going to try to do my first "official" mystery quilt. I've done a couple of small mystery projects through my guild but never a full-out quilt. This is one done by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville, named "Easy Street," starting on November 23, 2012. Several of us quilt podcasters are doing it so we created a Flickr group to track our progress and am inviting folks to join in too.

STARTING (Nov 9): So far, I've just chosen fabrics, so those are the two pictures up right now. I didn't want to simply copy her colors--although hers are very nice--but I like doing my own thing. I really wanted to do it all from my stash and decided my first step would be to decide which fabrics had been kicking around the longest and really should get used up. These are all colors that I was really into several years ago. I still like the colors very much, I'm just not working in them much anymore. One picture has all the colors. The fabric laying on the bottom that all the others are resting on is the one that Bonnie refers to as "the constant," one that will appear throughout the quilt no matter how scrappy the rest of it gets. Hers is gray. Mine is sort of a soft beigy-gray that works with the cranberries and sage greens I've got going on. The background fabrics she uses are black-on-white print (she recommends lots of "space" in the print). I don't have black-on-white in my stash, and I needed something a little less stark to go with everything else, so I went for very light fabrics with prints. I'm not as confident in these but I think it'll work. It's so hard to choose fabrics when you have no idea what's going to happen with them!
Nov 23, Week 1: My neck hurts. And now I remember why I haven't made bed-sized quilts recently! I'm only a little better than halfway through the sewing and pressing stage on week 1 and I've blown through two episodes of Midsomer Murders on Netflix (each is close to 2 hrs long). I'm trying not to second-guess fabric choices but it's hard! (UPDATE on Nov 28--finally got them all done!)

Nov 30, Week 2: Had a well-timed vacation day that I spent sewing with friends, so I got all of Week 2 done in one day. Yippee! Used a lot of scraps so it took longer than it probably should have. We'll see if I keep using up scraps or switch to using yardage for speed. Trimming dog ears while watching TV. Looking forward to seeing everyone else's progress!

December 29, Week 5: Sorry--forgot to update this part of my project while I was updating pics. I'm still all caught up; will be working on Week 6 today or tomorrow in preparation for Week 7 being posted Monday. It is really, really hard to know if I'm going to like my end results yet. I'm still keeping an open mind, though!

February 5: I actually finished this top a couple of weeks ago but was too busy to update things here. Sorry about that. Don't particularly care for my end results, but that has nothing to do with her design. I've seen others that I really love. I had decided to take some risks that didn't ultimately pay off--I should've stayed closer in value within each color. (In greens, for example, I used everything from pretty light to very dark--I should have kept them all medium or, at least, not gone quite so dark. That's really the only one that bugs me.) I sent this out for longarming because I had ZERO interest in quilting it myself--just wanted to get it done. I pick it up this week so maybe the quilting will make the top grow on me.

February 11: I got the quilt back from the longarmer on Saturday and got the binding (also from my stash) put on this weekend. It's now completely and officially COMPLETE.


Binding and backing
Quilting detail
Top completed
Colors and "constant"
Week 1 Complete
Week 2 (still trimming dog ears)
Still to be trimmed...
Completely done!
Week 5 done





I really like your fabric and look forward to watching this unfold...I have never done anything like this and admire your courage as I think it would be really hard! but fun! So standing by to see where it goes from here.


I've never taken part in a mystery and have ummed and aahhed for quite a few of BH's mysteries, but this year am clearing the decks and am jumping in feet first! Your fabrics are lovely. It is tricky trying to work out what fabrics to choose ahead of time, isn't it? I've picked dark reds, greens or purples (I'm still deciding on that one.) and blues for the main colours, a medium neutral for the constant (which may or may not be scrappy) and light neutrals for the background. Everything is from my stash. I'm looking forward to digging out the fabrics over the weekend. I've opened the drawers and looked at them up to now! lol


Thanks, True . You're welcome to join the group just to watch and cheer the rest of us on! Sewnsew , thanks for joining the group. I'm a little nervous about doing this one--afraid I'll get halfway through and realize my color choices are all off for what the design turns out to be!


Thank you for starting it! We are all in it together.....If it is a case of the blind leading the blind we will muddle through it together! lolol I think if we stick to the values she has, we will be fine, whatever colours we choose.


True You could always halve it. Cut half the blocks and end up with something smaller. Go know you want to. smiling_imp


Sewnsew LOL I an only give up so much control at a time...have to ease into it;-). And my string quilt is my first step... But I am going to watch and see how this all works!


True Fair enough. This is the first one I've done. I have all the others squirreled away. If you like it, you can always file away the pdfs for a later date.


As I have done the past two mysteries of Bonnie's ( still working on the last one) I will be doing this one too. She promises it is not as intense as the past two years, so Maybe I will get it finished near the end of the clues.


16muddyfeet Welcome! I'm banking on it not being as intense as the past couple--I saw folks doing those and thought, "Never in a million years." I just have too many other projects I want to be spending time on! This one is supposed to be more manageable so I have hopes of keeping up. If not, like Sewnsew , I'll be downloading the weekly PDFs and poking away at them as I can. True , glad you'll be cheering us on, anyway!


Fantastic color choices. I love the cozy country feel of it all.


Thanks, Trumkle . I'm adding scraps to my collection too--pushing myself on that one!


Congratulations on finishing the first step. Your four patches look lovely!


Nice geese Sandy!


Sandy, You are doing a great job of keeping up! I am still cutting my strips sets into "twosies" for week one. After I finish cutting these, I will stitch a handful into the 4-patch units and then I may do as Bonnie suggests and put the rest of week one to the side and get started on week 2.


Azjune I've happened to have some well-timed days off. Otherwise I'd be sunk! Thanks Sewnsew and Karillia !


Wow impressive...even with a day off I would still be sewing:-)


Wow! You've done a marvellous job on those geese!


Beautiful colors. I can't wait to see it finished.


I love your colors...I'm not able to do this project right now but I'm enjoying watching yours progress...maybe next time around. :)


I am sorry you do not like it better but some time with it "away" might help! Personally I think it is gorgeous and really like seeing this quilt in different colors. It is a beauty and what a lot of work!


Thanks, True !


Nice job. It looks beautiful.


Thanks, Seshlaman !


Oh I love how the red pops out ...


WOW!! That is stunning! Love your colors! Great job!


I agree with True! I think its lovely as it is. Personally I do not care for the colors/busy black and white print ones I have seen which makes me really glad I held off starting this. Still may do it, we will see :)


Great quilting! Are you happier with it? sure looks awesome on the bed.


Thanks, True . Quilts always look better on the bed, don't they? Still don't love it, but looking forward to cuddling under it on occasion since it's nice and drapey now. I don't make big quilts very often so it's nice to have one even if it's not my fave. Still working on a name for it...


Sandy, I sure like like your finished quilt even though I'm not that big of a green fan myself. But this one seems to have just the right amount - it certainly can't be named "jalapeno pepper" quilt. I painted my bedroom verdigris once and everyone who saw it asked why I wanted to sleep inside a jalapeno pepper. LOL

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