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Easy street


This is my first mystery sew-along!  My plan is to make this quilt for my guest room, which will be occupied by actual guests in the first part of the year.  Hopping that I can keep right on top of this one and have a nice new quilt for the guests to snuggle under! 

I've got a few fabrics set aside for this from my stash, and am looking to use aqua, green, and pinky-reds as my main colors.  I've got a good sized chunk of the grey and white houndstooth that I've earmarked as my "constant," but I'm also considering grey-on-white patterns for the background.  I'm also considering just using a solid neutral for the background.  It's so hard to decide when you have no idea what it's going to look like!!  In any case, my stash is a bit thin, so I'll also get to do a little shopping for this one, too - woo hoo!

Update for 11/24 - The first step came out yesterday!  I managed to get all the strips cut and sewn into sets.  I also got about a third of them sliced up and sewn into the four patches, and got the rest of them done this morning!  Already chomping at the bit for the next step to come out! 

Update for 12/9 - Step Two came out a little over a week ago, and I must admit I got a bit behind.  I got all of the cutting done last weekend, and got the right wing sewn on, but then had to leave it for the week.  This weekend, I've gotten all of the flying geese for Step Two done!  I'm now in the midst of all my Step Three cutting.  Hoping I can get these whipped up quickly so that I'm back on track! 

Update for 12/28 - I had to set aside Easy Street for a couple of weeks while I worked on my Vintage Modern Swoon Quilt, which needed to be done for Christmas.  Now that that one is all done, I'm back to Easy Street!  Today, I got a lot of progress made towards getting caught up.  Step Six came out today, but I was still in the middle of Step Three.  Today, I managed to get Step Three finished, as well as Step Six.  I'm about halfway through Step Four, and will just need to do Step Five to be all caught up!  Should definitely be caught up by the time the next clue comes out in just a few days! 

Update for 1/1 - Just about caught up, just in time for the final reveal! In the last couple of days, I finished Step Four and Step Five, and I stayed up way too late last night working on Step 7, and am about halfway done with that.  This morning, the final reveal was published!  Step Eight is definitely not one that I'll be doing in just one day, but I am planning to get some work done on it today, since it's a holiday.  

Update for 1/12 - I'm deep in the process of piecing the A and B blocks!  I'm chain piecing the sub units, which is great for speed... unless you get one of the units turned around.  Oops!  Oh well, after some time with the seam ripper, I'm back on track.  Hopefully will have a top soon!

Update for 3/22/13 - I just realized I haven't updated this in a while!  I finished the quilt top in January, and put the project on hold for a bit while I worked on the rest of the guest room that it's going to live in.  The top is now done - the picture shows me testing it on the bed for drop length to see what kind of border it needs.  I've now put a border around the edge, and am hoping to start quilting it up this weekend! 

Update for 3/31/13 - Aaaaaaaaaaaand it's quilted!  Hoping to have the whole thing wrapped up in the next day or two! 

As of 4/9 - it's DONE!


The beginnings of my picks...
More fabrics! (And more to come...)
The result of Step One
Half way done with stitching up Step Two!
All the cutting done for Step Two!
All the geese are done for Step Two!
Quarter of the way done with Step Three
Part of Step Six (I think?)
Step Six - pretty easy, since I'm only using one background fabric.
Step Three - Done!
Checking for drop length for borders, but the top is mostly done!





It's my first, too. Making it for your guest room sounds lovely. Having guests early on next year will help keep you motivated, I'm sure. Plus we will egg each other on as a group, too!


Ohh la la! I like your fabrics.


Oh I love these fabrics. What will be fun to watch is these quilts be made from all these different fabrics and colors!


I have a very similar pile of this fabric and can't cut into it. This is going to be a fun project to follow vicariously!


Hey True , get off Threadbias and get cracking on that Elephant quilt! LOL,This place is worse than Weight Watchers!!!


Terryt1955 LOL it is I was too exhausted last night to sew....work messes with my brain power...but soon I will start I promise!!


I, too, love your choice of colors and fabrics. Going to be beautiful!!


Ohhh I like what you have done with step 1.


I love these colors together. So pretty... just perfect for cuddling up in!


what great fabric choices!


Beautiful fabrics Sarah! Your 4 patches look awesome!


Pretty fabric choices! This is my first mystery quilt, too. In fact, it will be my first quilt bigger than a wall hanging. I am enjoying seeing all of the photos and fabrics.


Those blues and pinks are so beautiful together. :)


You are doing a marvellous job and your fabrics are looking wonderful together!


I have been following along several of the easy street QAL and your colors are by far my favorite. I love the way it is turning out. I can't wait to see the final product.


This is going to be beautiful in the final layout!! Can't wait to see it!


Loving your fabrics as this quilt unfolds...they are perfect!


smile Sarah, I LOVE your 2 fabrics that replace the the busy black n white fabs lots of folks were using. I know Bonnies goal is to use up lots of scraps, but those black an white prints were driving my eyes CRAZY. This combo gets the job done, but lets the block really take center stage...cant wait to see the final photos.


I knew there was no way I could do the black & whites... they bug my eyes enough that I have ZERO of them in my stash. :)


This is going to be one very beautiful quilt! I love the fabrics you've chosen and can't wait to see it completed!


This is gorgous!


LOVE how it looks against the gray walls and pristine white furniture! What a wonderful guest room. Your guests won't want to leave!


Have to say I love the colors you used and this looks so lovely in that room!


Wow. This is stunning.




Love these bright fabrics. It looks great on the bed.


I have seen a lot of these Easy St quilts and I like yours best with the light, bright colours, works so much better.


Yours is my favorite version of the Easy Street quilts that I have seen. The colors are so bright and cheery. Congratulations on a beautiful finished quilt!


Love it!!! I like your colors too! Perfect on that bed!


Very pretty.


It's beautiful, and stunning and ... now I feel bad that I haven't come further with mine.


Done AND Gorgeous!!


It's beautiful! Love your fabric. Congrats on the finish!

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