Autumnal bedspread by Tenar




This was based on the quilt "Offspring" by Nancy Neumann, which was made up of strips of diamonds in this pattern, almost entirely in greens. I loved the leafy effect, and decided to try my own version with an autumnal colour scheme. As it's my winter bedspread, I wanted something with a very simple pattern so that it would be restful to look at. It gives a wonderfully cosy feel to the room.

I made my quilt with 30 degree angles and 6" diamonds, whereas the original has sharper angles and seems to have been made using triangles. 
For a quilt of 87" x 89", I used about thirty fabrics, mostly batiks. It's an excellent quilt for large-scale prints, and I could see Kaffe Fassetts working well here. About half were patterned and half were semi-plains. You need a good range of values, and you need to keep an eye on whether all the fabrics work well together. There are a couple I wish I hadn't used because they're slightly too greyed.

The third photo shows the quilting design, which is loosely based on the Klimt Tree of Life. In retrospect, I should have quilted it more densely as a few knots came loose in the wash (all hand-sewn), but hey, I hadn't been quilting long, and I was desperate to get it finished as the weather was rapidly becoming absolutely baltic that winter.  At least, back then we thought -6 was baltic.






This is gorgeous really has just a warm and luxurious feel to the fabrics and colors!


I love the quilting design you have posted. And there isnothing to stop you from going back & adding some more quilting to it (next summer?) if you really think that it needs it ;)


I think I'm going to have to requilt it eventually. The quilting density is just far too low, it puts too much strain on the individual lines of quilting, and I always seem to be mending lines of stitching. I've even had to mend a few lines of piecing. Granted that I was using thread that was too thin (there is a certain quilting shop in the UK which has given me quite a lot of bad advice over the years), but I've never had that happen anywhere else, and I think it's because there isn't the quilting to hold it all together as well as it should. I think I'd quilt it in thicker thread this time, since I am very into my perle #8 these days, and a light gold colour would look lovely. No idea about the pattern, it'd need to be something I could mark up as I went along. This won't happen for a while, I'll need to finish the yellow wholecloth quilt first, and then it'll be something which I'd probably keep working on for quite a long time. I'd be unpicking the original quilting as I went along and continuing to use the quilt.

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