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I have had my Christmas Tree Skirt since I made it in the 1970's. I've been wanting a new one for quite awhile but never seemed to get to it. Well, it's almost there . . .

Tutorial is from Jenny Doan at Missour Star Quilt Company (see link below). I used Benartex's Yuletide Magic for my fabric.

Update: I had decided to quilt this project using my new Babylock Embroidery machine. I had purchased a Christmas Free Motion pattern I thought would be perfect. Had some help getting started on the quilting and then . . . I forgot how to do it.

Well, this UFO was needed badly for this Christmas so . . . I took a class on how to use my machine embroidery component. I then was able to finish this up in about three days!!

I love how the quilting turned out. There were areas I actually did my first real FMQ and fortunately it was on the red section in red thread so you can't really see it :grin:! I can't wait to see it on the tree. I'll be adding more pictures once the tree is up.

Oh, one more thing . . . my DIL mentioned they need a tree skirt so this may be my only Christmas with this one if she likes it. I'll be able to get the next one done in no time . . . I think! Or maybe she'll like to inherit the 1970's "retro" skirt.


Tah Dah! Finally done!
Quilting Details; can you see the holly leaf?
Details of ties
Quilting looks so pretty on the back
I extended binding for ties
FMQ in the hoop
Top is done




Great finish to this UFO. Love the Holly leaves in the quilting pattern. I like the scrappy look too.


Thank you Charwirfs ! I'm not sure if I still like the scrappy but I do like the color combinations and it sure is prettier than what I have smile !


Love the quilting on this!!


Kathie - I'm sure I've got you beat - I've got a Christmas tree skirt I made when I was in 5th or 6th grade. It's felt and red, pink, and orange flowers on a green background. Yep, it's as ugly as it sounds. My daughter insists we use it since it's from my childhood (gotta love her for that).


HawkFan , you are right, you beat me! How fun to still have that! Your daughter sounds like my son . . . I have to put the old ornaments up from when I was first married. They are old yarn wrapped around styrofoam balls because we were college students with no money!


It's kinda sweet when they're sentimental like that (but in my case can also lead to lots of stuff stored in the basement)


HawkFan , we don't have basements in California so all of ours is in the garage! It is so hard to get rid of some of the collections but I've been slowly "gifting" them to my children's homes.


Hahaha - that's my plan too but they're still in college so the "gifting" will have to wait a while

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