Great-Grandmother's fabrics by Ashrivers


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Hey y'all!  

So, as promised, here are some pictures of the last fabrics my great-grandmother ever bought.  I would like to use all of them for a quilt to give as a gift to my grandmother.  I've given some thought as to which pattern to use and two options came to mind.  Since most of these fabrics are floral, I was thinking maybe Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern.  The number 2 option was a version of Irish Chain because my great-grandmother was 100% Irish.  Not sure how each fabric would play a role in either of these two patterns, though, so if anyone has any ideas, I'm would welcome them!  






Sorry if these pics seems blurry. I used my iPhone because I don't have a real camera. I tried to photo-shop the blurryness out a bit but it could only help so much.


This is great fabric and you can make an awesome quilt with them...both of the ones you mentioned would be great! Do you hand stitch/sew? I ask as Grandmother's flower garden is hexes right?

This is just my opinion and I may be just making this all up but this would make a great log cabin quilt and that you know she made one, how popular they were in that time period and the red fabric makes me wonder if that is what she was going to make. You may already know this but a traditional log cabin had either red or yellow in center to represent the hearth or heart of the home as I was taught. You am even have enough lights and darks too play with layout as some of these on this pinterest board do...but whatever you make it will be lovely!


What a treasure that is to have fabrics from you Great-Grandmother!


True I did not know that about the log cabin! That is so awesome. Thank you. You're right. It would be an amazing log cabin quilt. I do a little bit of hand-stitching and my great-grandmother did a lot of it. Hhhmmm....maybe I will look at some log cabin patterns for this one. Thanks, True!


Sewzalot Yes...this is probably the most important quilting project I have ever done yet. My mom and I were almost in tears as we exchanged fond memories of my great-grandmother and opened up her suitcase which was full of sewing and needlepoint treasures. It was like looking into a time capsule. I'll try to remember to take lots of pictures while putting this together to share with everyone. smile


Love the variety of lights and darks in your fabric...Irish Chain or Log Cabin or Courthouse steps would all work great with this level of value in the prints. I love the pops of orangey red...whatever you decide I am sure will be gorgeous!


I just saw this post and love the fabrics. My great-grandmother was also a sewer and I'm the only other I know of in my family!


I love these fabrics and I love the fact that you have such a meaningful project in your hands. I'd use log cabins with red center pieces, because they represent the hearth... The hearth your great-grandmother kept warm and built your family around.

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