Erin & Jeremy's Black Bolster by Kathie


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I get so excited to make something for my adult children! When I asked my daughter and son-in-law what I could make for them for their new 1912 house in Portland, they replied "a black bolster". No special fabrics, no embellishments, just a bolster to hide the back of a desk behind a couch.

So . . . it took me forever to get started. I see them soon and it's still partially done! I got out my old 1970's Singer "Sewing for the Home" and "More Sewing for the Home" and found what I needed. But it was so . . . well . . . plain. So I added piping. Thinking I'd cheat and buy the packaged stuff I've left everything until the last minute . . . and ran out of piping!

So here it is so far and I have to be done today :smile:! So instead I decided to come onto Threadbias, look around and add some more fun projects I've been working on. It just needs two more seams sewn and I'll put in the foam once I see them so as not to take a huge bolster on the plane.

Update 11/17/12: I've finished all I can do until I see my daughter and buy the foam so I'm considering this complete :smile:! (Notice the red fuzz from one of the scarves I made is still making it onto other fabrics even after vacuuming).

11/20/12: Bolster is now in it's new home in Portland. My son-in-law loved how it turned out as he wanted to block the back of a desk located behind their couch. I flew up with the bolster unstuffed. My daughter & I ventured to a JoAnn's (boy it's a nice one up there) and then I had fun finishing it on her enormous granite counter. (sorry about the fuzzy pictures, lighting was dim and I used my iPhone).


Bolster is stuffed!
A new home on the couch!
Piping to add something to all the black.
Blocks the back of the table
Just have to sew up the seam!
Duct tape holds two pieces of foam together.
Covered foam with batting.



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