"Baby Murray "Twister Game by Rachelmentor4529


Constructing Top


So I saw this amazing tutorial on Bijou Lovely blog and it reminded me so much of the twister game. The original quilt is called The Circle Quilt Tutorial.  And I decided to make it for my friend who is due in April 2013 and she loves my quilt that I made so far .  So I have decided to make this one for her <3


Final pattern put together
almost done
Random assortment
Still very random assortment
My 36 blocks are done
The original called for 48 but I did 36
Blanket stitch





Welcome to the addicting world of quilting and the awesomeness that is Threadbias! This is going to be a great quilt...I love your fabric choices.


Thank you , have been looking for a website like this for a while ....have a feeling that there is loads of inspiration here :-)


True Thank you , have been looking for a website like this for a while ....have a feeling that there is loads of inspiration here :-)


Hi Rachel,
I love your fabric and what you're doing with it. I'm glad you found Threadbias. The people are great and there's loads of help if you have a question or need guidance. Quilt on.....


Seshlaman Thank YOU <3... I'm so glad that I found you guys, so much inspiration and love this little community have going here blush


Great fabrics and I love the blanket stitching! How did you get the text under the pictures?


Kathie Than you I love it too, took me forever to choose fabric....After you upload the picture you have to hit edit and then you can comment on the picture


Love your fabric. Can't wait to see your finished quilt.


Rachelmentor4529 thank you! I had no idea this was available.


Have you pressed it with light starch? I find that really pressing helps the quilt lay nicely. Of course, I'm also a newbie at quilting blush .


When you say finished sewing do you mean you've pieced the top or already quilted it too? If you have quilted it- sorry it's a bit hard to tell from the photo but it looks like you have, then apart from redoing it, I'd agree with Kathie - press and steam and starch. What may have occurred ( and I have an old kid's quilts that I did this on too) is that you needed to baste or pin it a bit more than you did and some of it shifted while quilting. If it isn't quilted yet (and it's just my eyes ;)- then check the seams on the left blocks and if all is ok there, then again as Kathie says press, and starch away- Magic Sizing is good too for it. Other more experienced quilters may see more to do here though too! In any case- cute quilt and I'm sure it will be loved:)


What a wonderful, bright and cheerful quilt for a baby!


Your quilt is so pretty! I don't see the bulk in the photo, but if iron and pressing doesn't work-I would sit down with a good movie and unsew that corner-flatten it all out, rebaste and resew it together! Never takes as long as you think it will.


same as Mymble - the big question - is it already quilted or not? and what kind of batting do you use poly or cotton or a blend?
The problem with starch is - as soon as you wash it it's gone again.

If it's not yet quilted, rebaste it very densly, stretch it in parts and leave it a tad loose in others (here the starch could eally come in handy). And then quilt a lot (and I really mean a lot)

If it's quilted well ... go through the awfull experience of having a long session with your seam ripper.


Mymble Sewzalot Strandkorbtraum It's already quilted so I'm kind stuck. I tried the ironing but that did not work. so maybe I will try the the starch again or maybe i will on do the quilt and take my time. I did not put on the bias as yet. So maybe it will not take as long


Kathie Mymble Janquilter Sewzalot Strandkorbtraum Thank you all for the advice... It's greatly appreciated.

The New Girl


Rachelmentor4529 you're very welcome- that's what Threadbias is all about support and encouragement and a lot of fun:)- and Sewzalot is right- it won't be as long as you think undoing it- especially if you have a favorite movie on :)


That's how I catch up on all my shows that my husband doesn't want to watch! The time really flies and the quilt will end up the way you want it to look. Happy sewing!

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