Easy Street by 16muddyfeet


Easy street
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This is Bonnie Hunter's 2012 end of the year mystery pattern. Step 1 finished 11-24-12. Step 2 finished 12-1-12. Step 3 finished 12-9-12. Step 4, made a wrong turn and made 256 instead of 64........the rest of the step is on hold.


My fabrics
Step one twosies
Step 1, 4-patches




Love your fabrics choices...looking forward to watching these quilts come to be!


True I am normally a very bright in your face, and the one time Bonnie is doing BRIGHT, I am not..........go figure!


16muddyfeet LOL...I have never done or seen a mystery quilt before so I am so impressed with all of you trying this as I would be paralyzed picking out fabric for an unknown!


True The thing to remember is keep your values the same as the one giving instructions, and you can't go wrong. If they have a dark, you need a dark, they have a light, you need a light........doesn't matter the color, just keep the values the same. You should give it a try, it is a lot of fun to see the puzzle come together towards the end. This is also an Easier one than in years gone by.


You have me scared now - I just went by amount, not be value ... ohh don't make that first one go wrong - I'm not very good at doing things a second time if they don't work out the first time .... now I think I will need some more positive thinking before I start on the geese


Strandkorbtraum Don't over think it too much. If your colors contrast each other, your quilt will look gorgeous. But if your colors kinda blend together, you might want to replace a color. I have never seen a Bonnie quilt come out ugly no matter what colors someone used. I usually dig out all my uglies in my stash that I won't use anywhere else and use them in Bonnies quilts because they make the final quilt look awesome. Then the quilt becomes an Ispy quilt too. So don't look at a piece of fabric as ugly, or even a block as ugly. Just stitch it up, and then when it is all put together and quilted, It will look great. I am headed over to your projects to see what colors your using.


I like your "aqua / turrquoise"


Strandkorbtraum The funny thing is, that Turquoise is my all time favorite color, and that is what I seem to have most of. But I am not using it in this quilt because I found this pile of fabrics already put together for another project long forgotten about.


Very pretty colors! Looks like a great project.


I love the colors! I can't wait to see the end product.


It is looking good. This is going to be very pretty.


Sewnsew Lilburkec Janquilter Thanks everyone. More flying geese this weekend, woo hoo!


When I read on your blog about making too many flying geese the first thought that came to mind was.....I'm glad it's just not me!


I'm sure you'll be able to use those other geese somewhere--but I can just imagine your face when you discovered that you'd made so many bonus geese! I think we're about halfway through so hang onto those geese--they may yet come in handy, tee hee.

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