Hand Quilting Trial I by Strandkorbtraum




So after I finishe my Rose Compass I thought Iwouldn't want to do much more hand quilting as I could hardly feel my fingertips anymore ..

But well I don't usually do what is best for me, sometimes I just do things I like. And therfore I decided to play around a bit with ahnd quilting. And in fear of boredom I did draw a ton of circles on a fabric before a train journey - I finally go around to doing the quilitng.

It's aprox. 40cm square, machine basted and hand quilted ... and will probably land on a pile if UFOs.
It's made of a white bed linen back, light pink / rose bed linen front and a purple old thick t-shirt as batting + yellow, red and blue thread.

Don't mind the missing parts - I never intended it to go as far as being bound and everything ...


I just love that texture ...
front - ehh yes I wasn't too accurate with the compass drawing on the fabric, so the circles don't meat at the end and I was a bit hmm sulking and decided to just leave it as it is...
circle flowers in the center
the bigger picture
the back - not too bad I would say





Very nice!!


Wow impressive!!


Lovely, and the back looks very good. Have you tried putting something on your underfinger to protect it? I use an Aunt Becky, and there are various other gadgets available. The idea is called "spoon quilting", though I don't recommend using an actual teaspoon as it just wrecks the needles.


To tell the truth I don't have any problems with the under finger, the only one that really takes a toll is my thumb. I'm not fond of gadgets - I need to buy them, then I need to learn how to use them that's just not how I work as it would require a lot of patience on my side and I don't really have any.
Btw. I'm gald Iread your comment about the back stitching not needing to look the same as the front.


True Janquilter
Thanks - both of you. Now I know that I will continue with trials, I have a few more old shirts that would work well as batting ... and the bed linenn for back and front, well there is an almost endless supply.


Great looking stitching. I have heard that sheeting is not good for hand quilting because of the tightness of the thread count & weave, but if it works for you, go ahead.


Ohh hmm I never thought about that - maybe I need to try some other fabric to get to feel the difference.


I should mention that my main strategy for the back is to pick a backing which will blend in with the quilting threads well. That way you see the line of quilting more than you see the individual stitches. There's a photo somewhere of how your needle goes into the quilt at different angles depending on how many stitches are already on the needle, which is why stitch size on the back is always going to be a bit variable. I think that's part of it, and also the way you have to use your needle when quilting certain shapes such as tight curves, or when you have to take the odd stab stitch, or backstitches for starting and finishing lines of thread. I am currently working on trying to get the backstitches running straight in the line of quilting, rather than being angled off a bit.

Is that variegated thread or did you use two colours?

I used sheeting for backing a quilt once and never noticed a problem. It was bought from a quilt shop, so possibly it was better quality sheeting. But then I use batiks all the time, so I'm used to sewing through a tight weave.


It's 3 different trheads, yellow, read and blue

aye with the stab stich I usually drift off at odd angles, but with the rocking stitch the back is more or less in a line too...


That is beautiful. I envy your sewing skills! :D


ohh they aren't really special, you could do that too.


Strandkorbtraum with much practice!


hmm no, not really, it's my second hand quilted mini and I'm really not big on the hand sewing front.


Way to go, this looks like fun.


This is great! I need this inspiration!!


Gail that's so sweet of you to say I'm planning on taking up a little more hand quilitng again after the holidays. I feel like I spend every waking hour in front of the machine wrestiling quilts or colouring my knees purple basting quilts on the floor ..


Strandkorbtraum My do's and don't when it comes to hand quilting.....or anything quilt related are.......DO enjoy the process (this is our hobby, not our job); DON'T be afraid to try new things; DON'T be afraid to make mistakes (making mistakes means you are learning, not making mistakes means you are repeating what you already know); DON'T believe anyone who says there is only one right way to do something, DO have fun!!!

I've embelished what Tim Latimer said over at his blog.... timquilts.com He does lovely quilting and is well worth a look at.


Sewnsew of course I went over to his blog - not that I already have enough of them to follow .... And yes I'm having fun, and yes making mistakes is ok (but annoying). I do all my quilting by copying what I sea and reading instructions, so it's quite confusing if the sources don't agree. And I'm also a bit of a freak when it comes to doing things "right".But yes I will play around more make more mistakes ...


lolol I was at the learn from your mistakes stage (again) today. I had to unpick about 150 inches of quilting (fortunately in the ditch) this afternoon when I was quilting DS' quilt with a blunt needle. I have stuck a note to my sewing machine to change the needle.

I was thinking about your bruised knees when I was pin basting the quilt today. If a quilt sandwich fits on the bed, I take off the sheets and spread the quilt sandwich on the mattress to baste it. I start one one side and baste from top to bottom. As I work my way across I roll the pinned section up. I don't think it would work on a bed sized quilt, but it could save your knees on the smaller ones!


Sewnsew I would need a bigger bed for that (everything I make is bigger than my bed) - but the idea is good.
Ehh how often do you change the needle?


About every three or four weeks. It all depends on how much sewing I'm doing. I change it at approximately 8 hours sewing. It is all guess work, as I don't take note of how many hours I've been sewing.


Or when the sewing machine starts to sound noisy.


Sewnsew I think I'm in deep trouble - I think I changed the needle back in hmm May mabe beginning of June, but that was because I it broke sewing over a pin. Maybe I should change it laeter today...


It looks wonderful. Congrats on finishing it up.


Great job! Beautiful stitching.

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