Kitty Kat Pinwheels #1 & #2 by 16muddyfeet




When the girls were little and I started quilting, I made two quilts with different cat fabric on them, no two pinwheels were alike. They are make to fit on the girls twin sized beds..............that was 17 years ago!!! They are both graduated, past college, and one is now married. Guess this is one UFO that should not have been. I plan on finishing them and giving them to future grandkids now! The tops are done, they were even pinned with backing and batting....that is where the problem was, 2 inch think poly batting, I couldn't get it to quilt, so I quit and put them in the closet.





They are so cute! I hope you finish them.


Love these so cute and cheery! I had an old UFO I had used the same kind of batting and finally took it apart replaced batting with what I use now and got it done!


True I took the batting and folded it to King size pillow size. stuffed it in a pillow case, stitched the end shut. Put that into another pillow case, and gave it to the dogs for a dog bed. Works great! No quilting, and I just throw it in the wash machine every now and then. They have quite a few of those now, because I do that with old pillows too!


16muddyfeet That is an awesome idea! I may have some of that old batting stuck in a closet somewhere will have to look! Thanks for great idea.


True Your welcome. I love to recycle as much as I can, and since the dogs sometimes like to destroy things, I do crazy things like this. Their HUGE dog beds are stuffed with old pillow cases, table clothes, sheets tshirts, etc..........whatever cloth like things we don't use anymore. Then when it is time to wash, I empty the contents into the washer, and do a normal load of laundry, when all dry, I restuff the beds. I threw all the "stuffing" away as soon as I bought the beds, because the dogs would shred the beds, to pull out of the stuffing. But they don't do that when it is filled with normal cloth like stuff from around the house.

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