Golfing by Clairealex




Two things inspired this quilt: a great-nephew totally into golfing because his dad golfs and finding the panel.

It took a while to gather the fabrics to coordinate with the panel, and I am not sure I have enough of the solid greens.  I am designing it for a twin bed and am planning it as  a strippy sampler. I had bought the golf course fabric for backing, but may use it for border.

I was merrily cutting kits for the various block patterns, when along came Christmas last year. To get ready for company, all my quilting had to be put away. (My studio is my whole apartment--620 sq ft does not allow for a separate room.) Then "out of sight, out of mind" struck and I started new projects in both quilting and knitting... This year I am not expecting company, so out it comes again.

Dec 15 I finished the friendship star row this morning. It is the original planned width, but I think I'll be making another row longer, so I am waiting to sew the gold strips beside the geese till I am sure. Now it has its first HSTs! There are more coming.

Dec 20 I finished the next two rows. I thought I had calculated that the "Birds in the Air" row would end up the same width as the "Friendship Star" row. Guess not.  I'm a little deficient on the math front.

I have Pinwheels to make to go beside the panel and the checkerboard to go around the panel, then to make everything come out the same width and do the border.  So far I plan a 2-inch row of the lighter brown, a row of 2-inch squares of green and gold, then the all-over golf greens for the rest. Corner stones will have the golf-T fabric in the center and rows of some colors from the rest of the quilt...not yet decided which.

1/12/13  The top was finished about a week ago and the back finally finished. First time I've done a designed pieced back. I have pieced when short on fabric, but just thrown together to fit the quilt. I take it to the quilter tomorrow.

3/13/13 Back from the quilter with gorgeous quilting--now to bind in time for local guild show in April.

4/5/13 Binding finished!
4/11/13 Adding a quilt "portrait" from the show.  A little waviness becomes apparent when it is hanging, moreso than when it is on the bed.  Actually I like the bed view better. I guess that makes sense since it was made for a bed.

No new action; just found it still in my "in progress" quilts. I'd done everything except click on "complete." Record keeping update only.


Love the golf bag and club motif
quilt posing at the guild show
Finally finished
quilt back
Preview layout
first draft





What a great quilt! It will be loved.


This is really colors and designs you are using!


I love the colors. Nice job.


Love the back...this is such a great quilt using a novelty print that I think would have been hard to plan around! Really impressed:-) It will be loved.


Thanks folks! I am so relieved to have it this far finished and into someone else's to-do pile for a while.


This is lovely. :-)


Wow amazing quilting for sure!


Wow! Great design and that quilting is amazing! Is the guild show judged or just for fun?


It is not juried,so anyone who enters gets in; however, there are some awards. I think the quilting deserves one--of course I haven't seen any other quilting yet. :-)


Best of luck!


Absolutely fabulous.


Really wonderful-bound to be a treasured quilt- best wishes at the show!


I love how the quilt lies on the bed with the 'pillow' detail at the top. A very special quilt for a little boy.


Very cool quilting!


This is beautiful! The quilting is amazing. Your nephew is sure to have a great talent for golf as you do for quilting.


Thanks folks. I'm still coasting on the euphoria of having finished; but it is time to start the process for another of the nine. I am working on ocean themes next.


Terrific! I especially love the quilting.

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