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The colorist


I've been pretty busy sewing clothes, and binding quilts the last couple of weeks.  I think it's time to start a new piecing project.  I've decided to work on my Colorist quilt.  I've cut all of the inner and outer rings using Half Moon Modern charm packs. Charm packs are just big enough to make the large ring pieces, so I was able to get all my ring pieces cut from 2 charm packs (I didn't use any of the grey fabric).  Now I just need to decide what I want to use for background fabric. 

Even though the original Colorist quilt looks nice with a white background, I really don't want to use white.  I'm thinking about a navy, plum, or chocolate brown - something that's deep, saturated, and not quite neutral.  I'm just not sure what to do.  Any recommendations?

**Update 12/01/2012**
I decided to go with Kona Charcoal Grey for the front and a great Robert Kauffman print on the back.  I'm not sure I have quite enough of either, but I'll make it work.  I've decided that I will add a strip down the back with scraps from the left over fabric from the rings.

**Update 12/10/2012**
I made a little progress on the back of this quilt during #VCN over the weekend.  I got a strip of grey fabric added to each side of the rainbow strip, and got the strip sewn to the backing fabric.  I still need backing fabric for the other side to make the backing wide enough, but I know it will be awesome when it's done.  Heck, the back may be more awesome than the front.  I'm not sure.

**Update 12/17/2012**
I feel like such a slacker, having not really worked on this in a week, but my sewing machine and I had been having some problems.  It seems that things are working again.  I finished the backing of the quilt tonight, and also managed to get the solid ring pieces sewing to the outer ring pieces.  I'd say that's pretty good progress for one night.

**Update 12/22/2012**
Well, since the earth didn't end yesterday I decided to finish the piecing for this quilt.  It came out really well, even if I did end up having several problems with the pattern. I made the circle with 30 sections, just like it said, and it looked lovely, but when I tried to attach it to the center circle is was just about perfectly 1 section too small.  I ended up taking a section out of the rings to make it work.  Then of course, the circle that had been cut from the background fabric was WAY too big.  I ended up taking about 8 inches out, by overlapping the fabric at my seams.  I now have annoying little pockets in my fabric, but I'm sure that the quilter can just quilt over them and you'd never know. 

This means I now have another 2 quilts ready to be sent for quilting.... I think I have a problem.

**Update 04/02/2013**
To try to save a little money, I'm quilting this one by myself.  It's actually going decently well so far, which is saying something since I'm using my basic home machine and quilting in circles.

**Update 04/03/2013**
I finished quilting the center section of the quilt tonight.  I really like the way it's looking.  I figure another night or two of quilting and I can have the quilting done.

**Update 04/06/2013**
I finished quilting, did the binding and got the quilt washed today.  Yea for a finished quilt!


finished quilt top
closeup of finished quilt top
finished rings
finished rings detail
putting ring sections together
outer and solid rings
outer and solid ring pieces attached
outer and solid ring details
background fabric and backing fabric
fabric for inset detail
cutting out pieces
cutting out pieces
pattern for quilt





I'm looking forward to see the finished quilt :) I like the idea of dark charcoal...will really make those colors pop!


Love the fabrics and this will be a wonderful quilt...cannot wait to see it!


Beautiful fabric choices. I look forward to watching your progress.


Can't wait to see it finished. Lovely fabrics. :D


this will be phenomenal!


Ooo! Pretty!


Jennifleur Melanie Owlbeestitched Janquilter True Caribousmom Thanks ladies! I'm really looking forward to sending this one to the quilter... Here's hoping she doesn't hate me for sending her a circle quilt to deal with.


Great job! I'll bet this will be SO great with all the quilting too :)


Wonderful- Navy is such a favorite- and looks great with all the other colors- love this variation and props for taking on the quilting- looks super!


Very cool. I love the quilting.


WOW!!! I am so impressed you did all that quilting!!! Gorgeous finish.


LOve it against the charcoal. Great job quilting too! Are you dizzy!


I love it! My favorite photo is the cat photo-bomb ;-)


It came out so pretty!


Jennifleur Maura Terryt1955 True Whatthebobbin Mymble Caribousmom Thanks ladies! I'm so happy to have this one done. I'm pretty happy with how it came out too.


Congrats on the finish - it is GORGEOUS!! Love it!

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